Anaheim Convention Ctr, Halls A-D

Tuesday, February 27 - Thursday, February 29, 2024

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Hanging Sign and Truss Information

Please complete and return the Hanging Sign / Truss Labor Order Form by Thursday, February 8, 2024.

By sending us this information in advance you will help us assure your sign is properly assembled and installed.

GES Rigging must suspend all hanging signs/truss. No other contractor or personnel will be allowed to attach any properties to the ceiling or building structure. GES is the sole provider of lift equipment for all public areas & exhibit halls.

Assembly: All assembly of hanging signs, suspended video walls and truss must be done by GES Rigging. Additional GES personnel are available upon request for truss or sign assembly. Please submit hanging sign floorplan to include booth orientation. Set-up instructions must be provided for signs requiring assembly. Exhibitor or exhibitor's authorized representative may supervise assembly.

Hanging Signs:

GES is responsible for assembly, installation and removal of all hanging signs.
  • All signs must be designed to comply with Show Organizer rules and regulations and facility limitations.
  • All signs, with the exception of banners and light weight moss signs, must have structural rigging points, and include detailed construction plans with a current structural engineer's stamp.
  • If your sign requires electricity, make sure it is in working order and in accordance with the National Electric Code.
  • Include show site Exhibitor contact information with the order.
  • GES reserves the right to not hang any signage/structure that in our opinion is not deemed structurally sound.
  • Hanging Signs are not permitted for Inline booths or static booths.

Truss and Hoists:

GES is responsible for assembly, installation, and removal of all truss and hoists.
  • All truss must be designed to comply with Show Organizer rules and regulations as well as facility limitations.
  • All truss must be from a recognized manufacturer. Manufacturer load specifications for your truss must be at show site prior to rigging.
  • Ground support truss without the needs of a scissor lift, must be installed/removed by a GES Rigger or a member of IUPAT 831.
  • Self Climbing truss structures must be installed by GES Riggers.
  • Climbing on truss is strictly prohibited.
  • All hoists must be from a recognized manufacturer and must be in good working order.
  • Hoist maintenance records should be available for inspection by GES.
  • All lamps and fixtures to be attached to truss must be in good working order and in compliance with the National Electric Code.

LED Walls:

LED walls are somewhat challenging to suspend to the ceiling due to their inherent weight. Please submit accurate single panel weights, total number of panels, bumper weight, pick point locations, and overall dimensions. Please include the weight of all rigging hardware and brackets.
  • Labor to assemble/remove suspended or ground supported LED Walls requiring a scissor lift, must be performed by GES Riggers. Attaching speakers or other AV components i.e. projectors or projection screens to truss, or into the ceiling, is also work performed by GES Riggers. The Hanging Sign/Truss Labor Order Form should be used to order this labor.
  • The load limits to the ceiling are strictly enforced. The loads to the ceiling need to be considered in your design process. GES will be glad to consult with your designer during this process to help them interpret the allowable ceiling loads.
  • Ground supported walls without the need of a scissor lift, must be installed/removed by a GES Rigger or a member of IUPAT 831.
  • GES Electrical labor will be required to power and install cabling of tiles for both suspended and ground supported LED walls (equipment may be required).

Shipping Instructions

Hanging signs should be received in advance at the Warehouse by Wednesday, February 14, 2024. Please ship all hanging signs in a separate container with the special sign label provided on the Labels page. Mark bill of lading "Hanging Sign." Prepay all shipments. Collect shipments will not be accepted.

Reminder: To receive the discount price, you must complete and submit the following by Thursday, February 8, 2024. Any order received incomplete, rates will be changed to reflect when the complete order has been received, Regular and Show site rates may apply.

  • High Lift for Hanging Signs/Rigging Labor Order
  • Must ship Hanging Sign to Advanced Receiving
  • Must supply Hanging Sign Instructions and Layout for placement
  • Payment and Credit Card Charge Authorization

Helpful Ordering Tips

  1. Order by the Discount Deadline Date to save! Be sure to submit payment along with your order on or before the deadline to secure Discount pricing.
  2. Be sure to complete the following information below to avoid delays or additional cost:
    • Send your sign to the GES advance warehouse. Please have the sign in its own container or box separate from your other freight and clearly labeled HANGING SIGN.
    • Make sure you are providing the correct dimensions and weight of your sign.
    • Elevation - what is your desired elevation of your sign (Number of feet from floor to top of the sign) This must follow the Show Organizer rules and regulations.
    • Is your sign electrical or non-electrical? (Rotating motors are considered electrical signage)
    • Pick Points - number of structural pick points on the sign.
    • Floorplan - you must submit a floorplan indicating placement of your sign within the booth to include adjacent booth numbers for orientation.
    • Approval - When applicable, make sure you have submitted for approval to show management/ GES. This information will be stipulated in the GES online ordering site/Show Management tab.
    • Select a date and time for installation/removal of your sign. You also have the option to select "OK to Proceed" without your supervision. Completed instructions, sign delivered to our advance warehouse and all hardware must be provided, and GES' goal will be to hang your sign prior to your arrival or selected date and time.
  3. Structural Engineered drawings - if applicable or requested by GES, you may need to provide a stamped drawing indicating the weight and location of the rigging points. GES reserves the right to not hang any signage/structure that in our opinion is not deemed structurally sound.