Anaheim Convention Ctr, Halls A-D

Tuesday, February 27 - Thursday, February 29, 2024

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Fire Regulations

Anaheim Fire Department
Desiree Johannessen
Fire Inspector
201 S. Anaheim Boulevard, Suite 300
Anaheim, California 92805
TEL 714.765.4073
FAX 714.765.4608

Booth Requirements
All exhibit booths shall be constructed with non-combustible or limited-combustible materials. Wood booths must be 1/4 inch thick or greater.

Covered ceiling structures or enclosed rooms, including tents or canopies shall have one smoke detector placed on the ceiling for every 900 square feet.

Electrical appliances and cords must be U.L. approved. All temporary electrical wiring will stay accessible and be free from debris and storage materials. Hardback booths must be at least 9 inches from rear booth boundary line. Gas appliances must be A.G.A. approved.

Fire Equipment: Exhibit Halls, Meeting Rooms and Lobbies
Storage, booth construction, easels, chairs and signs shall not block access to any fire/life safety equipment and shall not impede exit access, exit doors or aisles. Fire equipment, fire strobes, fire speakers, fire signage and fire extinguishers shall not be concealed and shall remain visible and unobstructed at all times.

Literature and product handouts shall be limited to reasonable quantities. Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner. No more than a 1 day supply of combustible storage is allowed beneath tables and in storage rooms. No storage of any kind will be allowed behind curtains, walls or on electrical cords of booths in any facility.

Decorative Material and Furniture
All drapes, fabrics, netting and materials that are used for booth separation are required to be flame resistant. Canvas tents, canopies, awnings, curtains, straw, hay, inflatables, fabrics and materials are also required to be flame retardant. A copy of the California State Fire Marshal flame proof certificate must be provided to the Anaheim Fire Department. If a California State Fire Marshal flame proof certificate is not provided, a sample of the material or product must be submitted to the Anaheim Fire Department for fire testing. If at any time it is determined that the material or product is not fire retardant the materials shall be removed prior to show opening. Furniture in sprinklered areas shall meet TB 117 requirements. Furniture in unsprinklered areas shall meet TB133 requirements.

Cooking Appliances
Operation of any electrical cooking appliances, i.e. ovens, stoves, grills, hot plates, deep fryers, skillets, etc. and all demonstrations using these appliances must be isolated away from the public or be protected with a clear plastic shield. The shield must be placed along the front and the sides of the appliance. A show permit is required for the use of propane or butane for cooking purposes. Quantities will be limited. These requirements do not apply to microwave ovens, coffee pots, rice cookers, crock pots, chaffing dishes or popcorn wagons.

Heat-Producing Equipment
Operation of any welding equipment, soldering device, etcetera, require protection around equipment so the public cannot be injured during demonstration. All items shall be placed on a non-combustible surface. Approved welding screens will be required for welding equipment. See permit section for compressed gas, natural gas, propane and butane.

Operation of any electrical, mechanical, or dust-producing equipment, which incorporates moving parts or could cause injury to the public require protection around machinery for the viewers’ protection if safeguards are not currently in place. This does not apply to normal electrical appliances such as lamps, computers, radios, etc.

Use of any decorative candles must be securely supported on a substantial non-combustible base so located as to avoid danger of ignition of combustible materials or tipping over. The candle flame shall be protected by a non-combustible container.

Two-Story Booths (Maximum 1-Staircase)
The second story of a 2-story booth equipped with one staircase will require an occupant load sign to be posted on the staircase and be limited to an occupant load of 9 persons. One spiral staircase will be limited to 5 people on the second floor. The width of the staircase shall be a minimum of 36 inches wide between the handrails. Office doors on the second story, if used, shall open in the direction of travel and shall have self-releasing hardware. Booth diagrams are not reviewed for structural stability.

All liquid or gas fueled vehicles, and gasoline/diesel-powered equipment for display shall have batteries disconnected, fuel supplies at 1/4 tank or 5 gallons, whichever is less, and be furnished with locking gas caps or caps sealed with tape. Contact the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Department for alternative fueled vehicles.

Helium cylinders shall be secured to a fixed object with one or more restraints or on a cart or other mobile device designed for the movement of compressed gas containers.

All appliances shall be U.L. approved and a protective screen shall be provided in front of the fireplace. Natural gas connections shall be conducted by a licensed plumbing contractor.


Flammable or Combustible Aerosols/Liquids
Describe the use and amounts for each day of the show on the Show Permit form. Include the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product. Quantities may be limited by the Anaheim Fire Department. All flammable or combustible aerosol containers, used for display purposes, must be empty.

Hazardous Materials/Compressed Gas
Describe the use and amounts for each day of the show on the Show Permit form. Include the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product. Quantities may be limited by the Anaheim Fire Department. Hazardous materials are defined in the 2010 California Fire Code. Natural gas connections shall be conducted by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Open Flame
Describe the use on the Show Permit form. The Trade Show Inspector must be contacted prior to completing a Show Permit form if open flame is being used for theatrical purposes or demonstrations. A permit is not required for the use of candles in a tradeshow (refer to candle section).

Propane or Butane
Describe the use on the Show Permit form. Propane and Butane will be limited to two-17 ounce containers.

Two-Story Booths (Two or More Staircases)
A diagram of the booth shall be submitted with the Show Permit form listing the width of each staircase between the handrails, the square footage of the second floor, the distance between the staircases and the maximum overall diagonal of the booth from corner to corner. Booth diagrams are not reviewed for structural stability.

For further information regarding these requirements contact: Fire Prevention Bureau at 714.765.4040 between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday or email tradeshowinspector@anaheim.net.