Las Vegas Convention Center

Tuesday, March 7 - Saturday, March 11

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Warehouse Storage Information

“Full Service” Advantages After The Show Keep Your Exhibit Materials at the GES Warehouse
Avoid Double Loading and Unnecessary Shipping Costs

GES now has available storage space at the GES warehouse:

  • Receive and hold your equipment and/or exhibition materials.
  • Save on expensive shipping charges.
  • Storage freight is delivered to your booth in advance of direct shipments and by its designated target time.
  • No Marshaling Yard check-in, waiting, or fees.
  • Our warehouse offers year-round accessibility.
  • 30 Days free storage is included in GES advance material handling rates.
  • Includes transportation to the local GES storage facility only.
  • Facilitate interstate shipping with GES Logistics or your carrier of choice.
  • Coordinate labor installation and dismantling services for shows, including supervision through our E&E Department.
  • There is a full-time warehouse manager who is available to renovate your exhibits or give access to your company personnel to do any necessary refurbishing.

Additional services are available, at a cost, through our Creative Services Department to refurbish materials between shows.

Show to Show Storage Rates: Applies to local GES Shows in the Las Vegas area.

     Storage, Special Rate as contracted per Year (includes Transportation back to the
     Storage, Local GES Facility and handling fees.)
     $78.00 cwt. (1000 lb. minimum)

     Monthly Storage (does not include Return to Warehouse charges):
      $7.75 cwt. (1000 lb. minimum)

Return to Warehouse:

     Transportation to warehouse after show, includes warehouse handling
      $20.10 cwt. (1000 lb. minimum)

Additional Warehouse Handling:

     Additional Warehouse Handling Fee (for multiple in and out moves)
      $9.50 cwt. (1000 lb. minimum)

GES has warehouse facilities and services in many cities throughout the country. In Las Vegas, please contact Sandra Gonzalez: (702) 515-5751. For larger shipments or long term storage quotes, please call Charlie Duvall: (702) 515-5891.

All storage services are subject to GES' Terms and Conditions of Contract or Storage Agreement, whichever is applicable. Exhibitors must insure their own goods while in storage even if the storage is provided under a separate contractual agreement. Failure to pay storage fees in a timely manner will result in a lien against your property.