Emerald City Comic Con

Seattle Convention Center

Thursday, March 2 - Sunday, March 5, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Show Site Work Rules

Union Information

To assist you in planning your participation in your show, we are certain you will appreciate knowing in advance that union labor will be required for certain aspects of your exhibit handling.

Exhibit Labor

GES offers experienced union labor exclusively through the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters to assist with the installation of your exhibit booth(s). Full-time employees of the exhibiting company may set their own exhibit, provided that the booth space is no greater than 10'x20' and does not require the use of power tools nor ladders. Also it is permissible for one (1) full time, company employee to supervise GES Carpenters on the work, or GES will provide a foreman for that function at applicable rates.

Freight Handling Jurisdiction

GES has the responsibility of receiving and handling all exhibit materials and empty crates. It is our responsibility to manage docks and schedule vehicles for the smooth, safe, and efficient move-in and move-out of the exposition. Exhibitors may hand-carry their own materials into the exhibit hall through the hand carry entrance. The use of mechanical equipment by exhibitors is not permitted. Access to the loading docks will be controlled by GES in order to provide for a safe and efficient move-in and move-out. GES will not be responsible, however, for any materials we do not handle.


Our work rules prohibit the SOLICITATION OR ACCEPTANCE of tips in cash, product or gifts in kind by any employee (union or non-union). Our employees are paid appropriate wages denoting professional status, therefore tipping of any kind is not allowed.
GES requests that exhibitors do not tip (such practices as giving money, merchandise, or other special consideration for service rendered) to our employees. Do not give coffee breaks other than mid-morning and mid-afternoon, when employees have a fifteen minute paid break. Any attempts to solicit a gratuity by an employee for any service should be reported immediately to a GES supervisor. Employees of GES are paid at an excellent wage scale and thus, tipping is strongly discouraged as not being an accepted policy of GES. This applies to all GES employees.

Work Zone

Customer acknowledges that the show site and surrounding areas are active work zones. Customer, its agents, employees and representatives are present at their own risk.