Emerald City Comic Con

Seattle Convention Center

Thursday, March 2 - Sunday, March 5, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

POV Pallet Program

Advance Delivery

Exhibitors Best Served By This Option

For those POV exhibitors who would normally bring their materials direct to the venue, but wish to bypass the potential congestion and wait time onsite, we are now offering an Advance Delivery and Return option.

How It Works

GES will accept containerized (cartons, fibercases, etc.) and properly labeled (company name, show, booth number) materials at the GES warehouse between Tuesday, January 24 to Wednesday, February 22 for the special rate listed below per 4'wx4'dx5'h pallet (not to exceed 500 lbs per pallet). Please note, this service and rate does not apply to common carrier, air carriers and van line deliveries.

GES can assist with palletizing and shrink wrapping your items in our warehouse at the time of POV delivery if needed, at no additional cost.

Included in this service is storage at the GES warehouse and delivery to your booth at your targeted freight time.

Deliver To:
Your Company Name and Booth Number
Emerald City Comic Con - Advance POV Pallet Program
c/o GES
4060 Lind Avenue SW
Renton, WA  98057
GES Warehouse hours are 7:30am to 3:30pm, Monday-Friday.

Please note, GES is not an insurance company and does not offer or provide insurance. GES will not be liable or responsible for loss or damage to customer goods, unless such loss or damage is caused by GES' negligence.


To alleviate congestion at the WSCC for move-out, GES now offers a return shipment to the warehouse at the same rate as listed below. All return shipments must be palletized, shrink wrapped and have the proper BOL outbound paperwork completed and turned into the GES Servicecenter at the close of the event. This applies only to materials Exhibitors will personally pick up from the GES Warehouse between Wednesday, December 8 through Friday, December 10. Please note, this option does not apply to common carrier, air carriers and van line pickups.

If you would like to order this service, please click the image below: