Emerald City Comic Con

Seattle Convention Center

Thursday, March 2 - Sunday, March 5, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Fire Regulations


  1. All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, plastic displays, hay, split bamboo, combustibles, etc. must be flame-retardant and accompanied by a Flame Certificate that verifies that they are flame-retardant. Wood panels greater than 1/4" original thickness are considered flame-resistant.

    The use of oilcloth, tarpaper, sisal paper, nylon, Orlon, and certain synthetic materials cannot be made flame resistant, and their use is strictly prohibited.

  2. Special Effects permits are required for indoor fireworks, etc. Each of these effects will be subject to extensive review and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Permits are not required to use smoke machines or lasers. Smoke machine usage must be communicated to the Fire Marshal and Convention Facilities Event Manager in case it becomes necessary to authorize deactivation of smoke sensors.

  3. Displayed vehicles must be indicated on submitted floor plans and are subject to the following restrictions:
    1. Fuel in tanks is limited to a maximum of 1/4 tank or five (5) gallons, whichever is less. Diesel fuel tanks are limited to a maximum of 1/4 tank. Vehicles with no or non-functioning fuel gauges will not be allowed in public assembly areas without prior approval by the Fire Marshal.
    2. Battery cables must be disconnected, with the cable ends taped over to prevent sparking.
    3. Fuel tank fill caps must either be lockable or taped shut.

  4. Deep fat fryers can be used under the following conditions without prior approval or permit:
    1. Maximum capacity 1 gallon.
    2. Fire extinguisher readily available in the booth with a minimum UL rating of [Class "K".] This fire extinguisher is in ADDITION to any built in suppression system.
    3. A metal cover capable of covering the deep fat fryer shall be readily available in the booth.

NOTE: Deep fat fryers with a capacity of more than 1 gallon require advance approval from the Fire Marshal.

  1. Candles may only be used in public assembly areas if under permit for Open Flame, and only within an approved container (specific conditions apply). Sterno does not require a permit.

  2. LPG (Propane) and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) are prohibited in the Convention Center. Exception: 8-oz. butane canisters, which are used in conjunction with tabletop burners. Each exhibit booth is limited to one 8-oz. canister. If additional canisters are needed, they must be stored outside the building in an area that is acceptable to the Fire Department and the Convention Facility. (Specific approval is required for any cooking within a booth)

  3. Combustible storage is not allowed on the event floor. Combustible storage is specifically prohibited in dead areas, behind booth drapes or in unsold areas. Empty cardboard boxes intended for repackaging must be removed from the event floor. Booth storage of literature/brochures is limited to full boxes that can be easily stored under tables in the booth.

  4. Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Nitrous oxide tanks are allowed on the event floor with prior approval by the Fire Marshal. Tanks must be properly labeled for contents and firmly secured in the upright position, with valves protected against damage.Nitrous oxide and Oxygen tanks over 250 cubic feet are prohibited. Oxidizing gases (Oxygen or Nitrous oxide) in amounts in excess of 503 cubic feet may only be used in public assembly areas under permit for Hazardous Materials.

Exhibit Hall Guidelines:

  1. All fire hose cabinets and fire extinguishers must be visible and kept clear and readily accessible during move-in, show days and move-out. The issue of visibility and ease of access to fire equipment applies to the event floor as well as service corridors.

  2. Large covered booths [over 100 square feet] require that the floor plan and booth plan be pre-approved by the Fire Marshal. Booths up to 300 square feet require a 2A 10BC fire extinguisher and a smoke detector.

NOTE: In covered booths over 300 square feet, the Fire Marshal will require that a fire suppression system be installed in the booth.

Multi-Level and Covered Exhibit Booths:

This information is provided as a general guideline of the policies pertaining to the installation of a multi-level or covered booth. These regulations are described in the National Fire Protection Act (Section, as applied by the Seattle Fire Department, as well as in the Seattle Building Code and Convention Facility Policy. Facility Clients, Exhibit Managers, Show Decorators, and/or General Service Contractors are responsible for ensuring that all exhibitors are aware of and comply with these regulations. The review process for covered or multi-level booths should be started early to ensure approval before the start of the show. Please contact GES, if you have questions regarding this information or the overall process.


Covered Booth: A booth that has any material or object placed over or upon the exhibit is considered a covered booth. (e.g. roof, canopy, tent, Moss fabric, etc.)
Multi-level Booth: An exhibit that has a second level or tier constructed on top of the exhibit or portion of the exhibit, is accessed by stairs, and can be occupied by persons is considered a multi-level booth.

Covered Booths of 100 to 299 square feet
Booth plan must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Marshal at least 3 months in advance. A detailed .pdf drawing of the proposed exhibit, to include exact dimensions of covered area Minimum of (1) “2A 10BC” rated fire extinguisher must be placed within the covered area. A smoke detector must be placed at the highest point of each covered area. There must be a means of turning off electrical power to the booth during non-show hours.

Covered and Multi-level booths of 300 square feet and above
In addition to the above requirements, the following will apply: A minimum of 3 months lead-time may be required for the approval process. An approved temporary automatic fire suppression sprinkler system must be installed.

The following information needs to be provided to the Fire Department Engineer:

  1. Name and contact information for the licensed & qualified sprinkler contractor.
  2. Engineer certified plans of the sprinkler head locations, pipe sizes, and flow calculations.

The exhibitor is allowed to select the qualified provider of their choice to design and install their in-booth sprinkler system.
Convention Center’s selected life safety system contractor must connect the booth system to the facility’s life safety system. Please contact the Facility Representative for an estimate of charges.
ALL Multi-level booths of any square footage
A Temporary Structure Permit must be obtained from Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD). Contact Joel Lehn at (206) 684-8600 or joel.lehn@seattle.gov.

The following information needs to be submitted to DPD at least 3 months in advance:

  1. Completed DPD application form and associated fees
  2. (2) Sets of stamped engineering drawings for DPD
  3. Letter of Structural Integrity
  4. DPD may require an onsite field inspection of the completed structure.
  5. (1) Set of drawings in .pdf format e-mailed to the CONVENTION FACILITY Events Representative

Special Considerations
Approval of a covered or multi-level booth plan is contingent upon final approval of the overall exhibit hall floor plan submitted by show management.
Coverings constructed of open grate or mesh greater than ¼ inch or a UL listed drop out ceiling may be exempt from the sprinkler requirement.
It is suggested that covered booths of less than 100 square feet submit plans to GES, for review.
A series or combination of covered areas, whether in one booth or adjacent booths, must be separated by a minimum of 10 feet.
An exhibit that fails to comply with these regulations will not be allowed to install for the event.

Additional Fire Department Permits that May Be Required*:

Open Flame
Special Effects
Flammable Liquid
Oxidizing Gases (Temporary Hazardous Materials)
Code #1102
Code #7801 and/or Code #7802
Code #8020
Code #8208

*A complete listing of fees, appropriate applications and additional information may also be found on-line at: http://www.cityofseattle.net/fire/FMO/fmo.htm

Seattle Fire Department Fire Prevention Division
Phone: (206) 386-1331
Fax: (206) 386-1348