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Hanging Sign Frequently Asked Questions



How do I know if I have provided all the information for my Hanging Sign order?
A complete order consist of selecting the correct package, or ordering labor that applies to your sign, receiving your sign in our advance warehouse when applicable by the cutoff date stipulated, credit card information to secure your order, approval from Show Management/GES if applicable and a detailed floorplan to include weight, elevation, pick points, placement and adjacent booth numbers for orientation.

To receive the discount price, you must complete and submit the following by the discount deadline date. Any order received incomplete, rates will be changed to reflect when the complete order has been received, Regular and Show site rates may apply.

Do I have to send my hanging sign to the advance warehouse?
You must send your hanging sign to the GES advance warehouse by Wednesday, June 19, 2024 to secure the discount rate. Hanging signs received after this date will default to the Regular or Show Site rate. Please ship all hanging signs in a separate container with the special sign label provided on the Labels page. Mark bill of lading "Hanging Sign". Prepay all shipments. Collect shipments will not be accepted.

What is the Hanging Sign+ Package?
There are three Hanging Sign+ packages that are all inclusive of assembly, equipment, material and electrical (up to 15amps – package based). These packages are Non-Electrical, Exhibitor owned Lighting and Exhibitor owned Rotating Motor that have subcategories depending on the same and size of exhibitor owned sign. The Hanging Sign+ Package with Lighting is specific to signs with existing lighting incorporated as a part of your sign and is not provided by GES. The Hanging Sign+ Package with Rotating Motor is for Exhibitor owned rotators; however, GES offers rotating motors that you can order separately. All hanging sign packages may not exceed 250 lbs or require a chain hoist.

Hanging Sign+ Package
  • Static sign that does not rotate or have lighting
Hanging Sign+ Package with Lighting
  • Lighted sign to include arm lights and lighting that is incorporated within your sign that does not require hardwiring, rewiring and does not exceed 15 amps 120v power and/or 3 hours of assembly.
Hanging Sign+ Package with Rotating Motor
  • Rotating sign that does not include lighting. GES Rotators may be ordered separately.

What are the benefits in ordering the Hanging Sign+ package?
  • Cost certainty/ All-inclusive pricing for budgeting
  • Ease of ordering removing the estimating process
  • Simplified Invoicing – All cost on one line item

What is included in the Hanging Sign+ package?
  • Assembly of your electrical or non-electrical sign
  • Highlift crew to install and remove your sign
  • Materials to hang your sign
  • Up to 15amp 120v power for Exhibitor owned Lighting or Rotating Motor

When will my Hanging Sign+ package be installed?
When you are placing your order on-line, you will have to provide a selection of whether you would like your Hanging Sign+ installed as an Okay to Proceed or Do Not Proceed.

When you select the Ok to Proceed, this is giving GES permission to install your sign without your supervision. Ok to Proceeds are priority installation if we have all the instructions and parts needed to assemble and hang your sign. You must send your sign to the advance warehouse and have it clearly marked in a separate shipment with a “Hanging Sign” label. Our goal is to install your sign prior to your arrival.

The Do not Proceed option means you want to be there to supervise the assembly and installation of your sign. You must select a date and time for this service to be provided. Please remember we do not guarantee any start time after 8am.

What is excluded in the Hanging Sign+ package?
  • Signage that has a length or diameter greater than 20ft
  • Signage that weighs more than 250 lbs or requires a chain hoist.
  • Signage that exceeds 6' in height or are larger in size/weight than the offered packages
  • Lighted signage that exceeds 3hrs of assembly and/or 15 amps of power.
  • Signage that requires electrical hardwiring, rewiring or custom fabrication.
  • Signage that requires adjustments per the exhibitor’s request after initial install has been performed.
  • Incomplete sign, missing/broken parts, signs that are not in proper working condition, or anything that requires additional labor to resolve assembly/installation.
  • Rotating signs that incorporate lighting
  • Custom signs that are outside of stretch fabric and/or described shape listed in the packages. This includes but is not limited to offset graphics, multiple signs, lighting elements i.e. chandeliers/pendant lights, canopies, suspended booth structure and layered signage.
Packages that have been ordered and do not meet the guidelines will be billed actual time and material onsite. Rates may vary due to scope of work, and not dependant on when the order was received.

What if my sign is excluded from the Hanging Sign+ package?
For signs that do not fall within the parameters of the described Hanging Sign+ Packages, please go to the Hanging Sign Non-Package and order your Highlift w/Operator to install and remove your sign and Rigger/Sign Assembly to assemble your sign. Please fill out all drop-down options to include Weight, Elevation, Orientation, Pick point locations along with providing placement of your sign within your booth space. Provide a date and time for your installation and removal or select the Ok To Proceed option for GES to proceed without your supervision.

Where do I obtain a structural engineered drawing/stamp if needed?
You can contact the manufacturer of your hanging sign and they will be able to provide this information to you if required. Typically, the stamp is provided in the paperwork when you purchase the sign.

Can I rent lighting from GES for my hanging sign?
Yes, GES offers overhead parcan lighting that attaches to the catwalk or beams to illuminate your booth space or sign. Go to the Lighting page to place your order.

What is the max elevation I can hang my sign?
Please refer to the Show Regulations and Guidelines. You may also find this in the Show Management Forms in the Exhibit Design Approval link.

If my sign weighs 250 lbs or more and requires truss and/or a chain hoist, how do I order?
Please refer to the Electric Chain Hoist and Truss and order accordingly. If you are interested in a custom quote for Truss and Lighting, please contact LV Rigging at and we will provide you with a competitive quote, which offers many benefits to include priority installation.

Can I assemble my own hanging sign?
GES is responsible for assembly, installation, and removal of all hanging signs. The Hanging Sign+ packages include this service, however if you are not ordering a package, please refer to the Hanging Sign Non-Package.

Can I provide materials for my hanging sign?
GES will provide the material for your hanging sign at an additional cost. However, if you are ordering the Hanging Sign+ package, this cost will be included in the listed price.

Can I provide the material if my hanging sign requires a custom rigging harness?
You may provide the material; however, all hardware must be rated and domestic and in good working condition. GES will still provide the material from the rigging harness to the ceiling at an additional cost.