CDA Presents in San Francisco

Moscone Center South

Thursday, September 8 - Saturday, September 10, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Lights Out Request

All exhibitors may request the lights located directly over their booth be turned off. Shrouding of lights and turning off of individual lights are done on a time, material, and equipment basis. Any eligible exhibiting company should order this service.

For the purpose of lights out, there are three categories of requests.

  1. Over Booth - Lights directly over exhibitor's both. This request should be done in advance.
  2. Partial Over Booth - Lights partially over exhibitor's booth and partially over adjacent aisle or exhibitor.
  3. Adjacent Aisle Lights - Lights completely over adjacent aisle.

Lights in category 2 and 3 must be approved onsite by: Show Organizer and Fire safety officials. In these instances, lights in question may be shrouded (fabric hung around light to screen light from a certain area).

In an effort to help exhibitors determine their lighting requirements as early in the move-in process as possible, there will be three designated "full lighting" periods during move-in. During these times exhibitors should determine if they wish to request additional lights out. If desired, exhibitors should follow these procedures for additional lights out.

  • A lighting grid will be available at the Information/Floor manager's Stations located throughout the show floor. The exhibitor accepts any applicable charges associated with ordering this request.
  • Floor Manager will visit your booth with Fire Safety and GES personnel to approve the request.
  • If approved, GES will turn off requested light or shroud as appropriate.


Lift and labor rates will apply. Please refer to Labor and Equipment to order appropriate lift and labor.