SupplySide West

Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Wednesday, October 25 - Thursday, October 26, 2023

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Fire Regulations

Fire & Public Safety Requirements For Assembly Areas
Fire Marshall Requirements

  • All fire exits and the illuminated exit sign above each must be clearly visible. Exit doors, exit signs, fire alarm, fire hose cabinets and fire extinguisher locations shall not be concealed or obstructed.
  • Back staging and rear screen projection guidelines:
    • No storage boxes, musical cases, etc. may be stored behind staging.
    • Hiperthane cable protectors must be used to ramp all cable 1" in diameter or greater. Ramp all cable leaving a function room to an outside area.
    • All wires less than 1" in diameter must be taped down with gaffer’s tape.
    • If exiting is covered by stage masking there must be a clear path from masking to exit and illuminated exit sign located on masking.
    • Any fire extinguishers or fire hose cabinets located back stage must be clear and easily accessible.
  • Displays involving flammable or combustible liquids or materials and pyrotechnic displays must be demonstrated to the Clark County Fire Department for issuance permit.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all exhibit hall and meeting areas during move-in and move-out. "NO SMOKING" signs must be posted at each entrance: signs must be conspicuous, lettering a minimum of three (3") high. If smoking is permitted during an event, approved noncombustible ashtrays must be provided throughout the area and monitored regularly.
  • A certified fire watch officer is required to be hired and on duty the entire time that special effects are utilized which require MBCC to manually zone down any section of our fire safety system. Special effects would be, but are not limited to, fog machines, pyrotechnics and cooking. Please contact any of the approved local security firms for certified fire watch officers. A copy of the security company’s insurance certificate is to be on file with the Convention Services Department along with a schedule of the times that MBCC is to manually zone down.
  • Open flame devices, candles, etc. are prohibited in all assembly areas (no exceptions), unless pre-approved by the Clark County Fire Department and meet requirements of the Uniform Fire Code and permit requirements of the Clark County Fire Department.
  • Storage of any kind behind back drapes, display walls or inside the display areas is strictly prohibited. All carton, crates, containers, packing materials etc., necessary for repackaging, must be marked with an "Empty" sticker. Your General Service Contractor must remove the "empties" from the show floor.
  • All packing containers, wrapping materials and display materials must be removed from behind booths and placed in storage.
  • A copy of the Fire Department approved plans must be posted on the premises during the Event.
  • You are solely responsible for obtaining all necessary governmental approvals and associated costs of exhibit plans. A copy of the Fire Marshall approved floor plan must be submitted to your Convention Services Manager 30 days prior to the show. You are responsible for submitting changes to the approved plan and obtaining approval by the Fire Marshall.
  • Exit doors, exit signs, fire alarm, fire hose cabinets and fire extinguisher locations may not be concealed or obstructed and must be maintained in proper working condition.
  • All exhibit booths with solid covers and that exceeds 1,000 square feet in area, in a sprinklered building, are required to contain approved internal automatic fire sprinklers. When determined by the Clark County Fire Department that temporary sprinkler installation is impractical, the following alternative protection may be allowed:
    • Install approved single station smoke detectors at the interior and exterior of each covered booth. The interior and exterior smoke detectors must be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Provide an approved fire extinguisher (minimum 2-A:10-BC rating) for each covered booth Extinguisher should be mounted near exit door.
  • Provide 24 hour fire watch for all covered booths in accordance with the following:
    • Fire watch must be completely trained in the use of portable fire extinguishers and 1-1/2" fire hose lines.
    • Each fire watch must have radio communication with other fire watch personnel and a central control point. The central control point must have facilities to contact the fire department and any local security personnel.
    • Fire watch personnel may not be utilized for other than fire watch duties.
    • When multiple covered booths are used, the Clark County Fire Department shall determine the number of persons needed for fire watch.
  • All materials used in the construction of the booth and all decorative materials (drapery, table coverings, banners, foam board, signs, set pieces, etc ) within exhibitor booths and those used for special events must be non-combustible or made flame retardant. Certificates of flame retardant treatment must be submitted to the Clark County Fire Department along with samples of said materials prior to construction of booth. You must maintain copies of flame certificates on premises as the Clark County Fire Department can require verification at any time. Utilizing cardboard boxes as parts of exhibits or displays is not permissible.
  • All fully enclosed booths with enclosed rooms must have at least two (2) exits leading directly to the aisle. These booths must possess a smoke detector and fire extinguisher for each enclosed area. The Clark County Fire Marshall may require additional equipment.
  • If any exhibiting booths have multiple levels or room(s) with enclosures, visible notification must appear on the stairway(s) or outside the room. This notice must state the maximum occupancy permissible or total weight load allowable on the second story at one time. If the second story occupancy level allows more than ten (10) people at one time, a second stairway must be present.
  • Booth construction shall be substantial and fixed in position in a specified area for the duration of the show.
  • There is no smoking in exhibit halls during any show having manufactured homes and multi-level booths, either covered or uncovered.
  • All manufactured homes must have two (2) means of egress.
  • All multi-level booths must be stamped by a certified structural engineer and must have two (2) means of egress from upper levels.
  • When a multi-level enclosed exhibit is used in a show, a self-contained automatic fire extinguishing system may be required upon review by the Clark County Fire Department.
  • Aisles and exits as designated on approved show plans shall be kept clean, clear and free of obstructions. Easels, signs, etc. shall not be placed beyond the booth area into aisles. Exhibitors must keep their booths and displays within the designated perimeters. Any violators will be made to move their exhibits.
  • Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities. Reserved supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner.
  • Show management shall assume responsibility for daily janitorial and rubbish pick up service, and shall advise exhibitors that booths shall be cleaned of combustible materials daily.
  • Designated "No Freight" aisles are required. These aisles must be kept clear at all times during the move in and move out of trade shows.
  • Compressed gas cylinders are prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Fire Marshall. Approved cylinders must be stored in an upright position. Helium canisters are permitted, but only in a secured, upright position. Helium canisters must be removed during non-show hours.
  • Electrical panels must have thirty (30") inch clearance in front. All other electrical equipment (cords, plugs, etc.) must be of the approved type, and in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code and the National Electrical Code, as well as local codes.
  • Any use of two wire extension cords is prohibited. Multiple outlets and electric cords must be grounded and must not be used to exceed their listed amp rating.
  • All temporary electric wiring must be accessible and free from debris and storage materials.
  • Projection booths must be ventilated at the ceiling and provided with an approved smoke detector. Storage is prohibited in these areas.
  • Non-display vehicles cannot remain on the exhibit floor. Attendees will not have access until all non-display vehicles exit the show floor.
  • The painting of signs, displays or other objects are strictly prohibited inside of the facility or on MBCC grounds.
  • The Clark County Fire Department may exercise the right to assign a fire detail to the premises, at your cost.
  • Balloons inside the facility must remain "tethered" to a fixed object. The balloon may be no larger than 36 inches in diameter and must have approval from your Convention Services Manager and the Fire Marshall. There is a labor and equipment charge to retrieve balloons in the ceiling.
  • When pyrotechnic displays are in, on, or around our facility, you must obtain a permit from the Clark County Fire Department. Upon receipt of the permit, a demonstration of the pyrotechnics must take place prior to the event in the presence of the Clark County Fire Marshal, at the client's expense. When the Fire Marshall approves the display, no deviations are permissible. In addition, the Fire Marshall will be present during the presentation. Your Convention Services Manager must receive your pyrotechnic plans in writing.

  • The Clark County Fire Department also requires special permits for the following:
  • Display or operation of any electrical, mechanical or chemical devise that the fire department deems hazardous.
  • Use or storage of flammable liquids, compressed gas or dangerous chemicals.

Safety Self Inspection Checklist

Are the exits clearly marked/identified?
Are exit signs illuminated?
Do doors easily open?
Are doors blocked in any way?
Are aisle ways and corridors clear of obstructions?
Is the emergency lighting operational?
Are barricades used for crowd control?
Has the use of barricades been approved?

Fire Extinguishers:
Are extinguishers type 2A10BC?
Are extinguishers mounted?
Are extinguishers accessible?

Fire Lanes:
Are they kept open for fire apparatus?

Occupancy Maximums and Overcrowding:
Occupancy signs posted?

Open Flames and Candles:
Are open flames or candles being used?
Have permits for open flames or candles been obtained?

Decorative Materials:
Are decorative materials being used?
Have flame resistance certificates been provided?
Have decorative materials been maintained in flame resistant condition?

Cooking Demonstrations and Food Product Displays

MBCC will allow cooking demonstrations only with the prior approval of your Convention Services Manager, and the Clark County Fire Department. All necessary permits for cooking demonstrations must be secured and provided to all parties. Cooking and warming of food or beverage is prohibited unless approved by the Clark County Fire Department prior to the Event, plus you will need Clark County Health District itinerant permits to serve food. All cooking and warming must meet the requirements of the Uniform Fire Code and permit requirements of the Clark County Fire Department (as required). The 1997 UNIFORM FIRE CODE per the Clark County Fire Department states that all commercial cooking operations must comply with Article 10, Section 1006:
Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
Ventilating Hood and Duct Systems. A ventilating hood and duct system shall be provided in accordance with the Mechanical Code for commercial-type food heat-processing equipment that produces grease-laden vapors.
Where required. Approved automatic fire-extinguishing systems shall be provided for the protection of commercial type cooking equipment.
Exception: The requirement for protection does not include steam kettles and steam tables or equipment, which as used does not create grease-laden vapors.
Type of system. The system used for the protection of commercial-type cooking equipment shall be either a system listed for application with such equipment or an automatic fire-extinguishing system that is specifically designed for such application. Systems shall be installed in accordance with the Mechanical Code, their listing and manufacturer's instruction.
Other systems shall be of an approved design and shall be of one of the following types:
  1. Automatic sprinkler system
  2. Dry-chemical extinguishing system
  3. Carbon dioxide extinguishing system
  4. Wet-chemical extinguishing system
Extent of protection
General. The automatic fire-extinguishing system used to protect ventilating hoods and ducts and cooking appliances shall be installed to include cooking surfaces, deep fat fryers, griddles, upright broilers, char broilers, range tops and grills. Protection shall also be provided for the enclosed plenum space within the hood above filters and exhaust ducts serving the hood.
Carbon dioxide systems. When carbon dioxide systems are used, there shall be a nozzle at the top of the ventilating duct. Additional nozzles that are symmetrically arranged to give uniform distribution shall be installed within vertical ducts exceeding 20 feet (6,096 mm) and horizontal ducts exceeding 50 feet (15,240 mm). Dampers shall be installed at either the top or bottom of the duct and shall be arranged to operate automatically upon activation of the fire-extinguishing system.
General. Automatic fire-extinguishing systems shall be interconnected to the fuel or current supply for the cooking operation and arranged to automatically shut off all equipment under the hood when the system is actuated. Shutoff valves or switches shall be of a type that require manual operation to reset.
Carbon dioxide systems. Commercial-type cooking equipment protected by an automatic carbon dioxide extinguishing system shall be arranged to shut off the ventilation system upon activation.
Special provisions for automatic sprinkler systems. Commercial-type cooking equipment protected by automatic sprinkler systems shall be supplied from a separate, readily accessible indicating-type control valve that is identified. Extinguishing systems shall be serviced at least every six (6) months or after activation of the system. Inspection shall be by qualified individuals, and a Certificate of Inspection shall be forwarded to the Fire Marshall upon completion. Fusible links and automatic sprinkler heads shall be replaced at least annually, and other protection devices shall be serviced or replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Exception: Frangible bulbs need not be replaced annually.
Portable fire extinguishers. A sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate dry-chemical-type portable fire extinguisher having a minimum rating of 40-B shall be installed within (30) feet (9,144 mm) of commercial food heat-processing equipment, as measured along an unobstructed path of travel, in accordance with U.F.C. Standard 10-1.
Operations and maintenance. The ventilation system in connection with hoods shall be operated at the required rate of air movement, and classified grease filters shall be in place when equipment under a kitchen grease hood is used.
If grease extractors are installed, they shall be operated when the commercial-type cooking equipment is used.
Hoods, grease-removal devices, fans, ducts and other appurtenances shall be cleaned at intervals necessary to prevent the accumulation of grease. Cleanings shall be recorded, and records shall state the extent, time and date of cleaning. Such records shall be maintained on the premises. Sprinklers used for protection of fryers shall be listed for that application and installed in accordance with their listing.
These codes are subject to change without notice.

Exhibit Floor Plans

Your Service Contractor is responsible for preparing your floor plan and obtaining approval from the Clark County Fire Department. These plans must also include any external displays. External displays must be approved by MBCC and the Clark County Division of Zoning. It is important that these plans be submitted and approved prior to selling the first booth to avoid charges and/or corrections. Should your plan require modifications, approval of the modification must be obtained from Clark County Fire Department no later than 30 days prior to your first day of move-in. Any alterations must be resubmitted and reapproved by the Clark County Fire Department. Any unauthorized room changes may result in delaying these events. Fire Exits and signs must be visible and cannot be obstructed in any manner.

We require 10 copies of the Fire Marshall approved floor plans for exhibitors 90 days prior to your first day of move-in.

Floor plans must be drawn to scale for all areas indicating the location of:
  1. Counters and tables
  2. All structures (archways, fencing, etc)
  3. Props
  4. Registration area (s)
  5. All other plans for space
  6. Signage and banners
  7. Food areas, with layouts
  8. Security/Decorator Space

Final approval for all floor plans include the following basic requirements and are made by the Clark County Fire Department:
  1. All points of ingress and egress must have a minimum of twenty (20) feet of clearance.
  2. Aisle widths must meet Clark County Fire Department Codes.
  3. Access to restrooms and all exits cannot be restricted by any obstacles.
  4. All columns in aisles must have a minimum of six (6) foot clearance passage on at least three (3) sides.
  5. Fire hose cabinets and fire extinguishers must be clear of obstructions and must remain where they have been placed.
  6. Dimensions of the entire area to be occupied and gross square footage.
  7. Display of items: materials, vehicles, equipment, grandstands, bleacher seats, riser seats and the like.
  8. Location of all food areas-table, chairs, props, etc.
  9. Size, location, and construction of booths.
  10. Location and width of all exits. Exiting required, exiting provided, and number of exits used.
  11. Contact person and telephone number.
  12. Move-in dates, show dates, and move-out dates.
  13. Key of scale used.
  14. Name of event and location.

Meeting/Function Space

MBCC is equipped with a AUTOCAD 2004 system for creating diagrams. We will be happy to work with you and submit diagrams for meeting and food functions for 300 people or more to the Fire Marshall at a nominal charge, except that you will be responsible for the application fee. See your Convention Services Manager for a price structure. All set up requirements for your function(s) must be given to your Convention Services Manager no later than 75 days prior to your function(s).

In accordance with the Clark County Uniform Fire Code, all functions with attendance greater than 300 people require a Fire Marshall approved diagram on the premises for and during each event. It is your sole responsibility to contact the Fire Marshall a minimum of 30 days prior to your scheduled function(s) and submit to the Fire Marshall, in writing, three floor plans and appropriate documentation for any functions with attendance greater than 300 people. A Fire Marshall approved floor plan is to be forwarded to your Convention Services Manager and Catering Manager no later than 30days prior to the event. A Fire Department stamped plan for each qualified event must be posted at the convention site and be available for inspection at all times. It is your sole responsibility to relay information regarding the Uniform Fire Code to exhibitors in your exhibit hall or display area. You acknowledge and warrant that MBCC is not responsible to any meeting planner, organizer or other third party hired by you to assist with the development, marketing, organization or implementation of your function(s). Any function with attendance greater than 300 people not approved by the Fire Marshall, shall not, under any circumstances, be allowed to occur.

Diagrams, along with 3 copies, must be submitted to MBCC to:
Clark County Fire Department
Fire Prevention Bureau
575 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 455-7311

If you do not forward an approved floor plan, or contact us regarding your room set up 30 days prior to your event, we will create and submit a plan for your Event (excluding trade show plans). You will be charged for this service and you will be limited to the room layout that we have chosen, submitted and had approved.

The following must be shown on the diagram for your event:
  1. Drawn to standard scale.
  2. Size, location and construction of booths, decorative sets or any object taking up floor space in the room.
  3. Dimensions and square footage of the entire function room/area.
  4. Maximum occupant load permitted in function room/area.
  5. Table and chair/seating locations.
  6. Width of all aisles.
  7. Location and width of all fire exits (lineal feet of existing required and approved).
  8. Location of ALL fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets (unobstructed). One fire extinguisher per every 6,000 sq. ft. and travel distance not to exceed 75 feet.
  9. Name of contact person and phone number.
  10. Move-in and move-out dates.
  11. Function room name.
  12. Function name.
  13. Name and address of hotel.
  14. Type of convention/special event (Display items: Equipment, materials, vehicles and food service areas)
  15. Occupancy.
  16. Grandstands, bleachers, riser seats and alike must be approved by the Clark County Building Department.
  17. Perimeter/screen draping.
  18. Reference 1997 Uniform Fire Code.



The company providing the pyrotechnics must submit to MBCC and the Clark County Fire Marshall an insurance binder indemnifying Clark County and Mandalay Resort Group, its subsidiaries and affiliates. Pyrotechnics will not be allowed without submission of this binder. The binder is to be copied to Robert Marchino, Safety Coordinator. The Fire Marshall must be called in for a full test of the pyrotechnics prior to the actual event.


Because we never know what type of hazers will set off MBCC fire Safety system, any type of hazers used (chemical or oil) will require that the Fire Safety system be disabled.

Fire Safety System Disablement:

Anytime pyrotechnics or hazers are used, the Fire Safety System will have to be disabled or "put into test mode." This process will require several personnel to be dedicated to watching for potential fire or smoke in the area in which the Fire Safety System is disabled. An engineer is required to be dedicated to watch the console in the Fire Command room. A second engineer must be located in the room being used. An employee of the Fire Safety System provider is required to be in the Fire Command room with the engineer. At least two MBCC security guards are required to be present in the area that is disabled to watch for smoke or fire and to respond to any problems that the engineer in the Fire Command room spots. Depending on the particulars of the event, additional security guards may be required as deemed necessary by the Director of Security. Costs for these personnel are as follows:


During rehearsal and function time the cost is $100.00 per hour. These costs begin one (1) hour prior to the required time and continue one (1) hour after ending time to permit enabling and disabling of the system.


During actual function times is the rate is $100.00 per hour. These costs begin one (1) hour prior to the required time and continue one (1) hour after ending time to permit enabling and disabling of the system.

Pyrotechnics within the general exhibit space by exhibiting companies is strictly prohibited by the Clark County Fire Department and the MBCC.

Pyrotechnics for special events (show opening, ribbon cutting, etc) presented by Show Management may be permitted with the approval of the Clark County Fire Department. Show Management is responsible for providing the Clark County Fire Department with the written plan of operations within 45 days of the scheduled event date. Please contact the Fire Inspector directly via mail or telephone:

Clark County Fire Department
Fire Prevention Bureau
575 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Telephone: (702) 455-7122
Fax: (702) 455-7347
Upon written approval from the Clark County Fire Department, please forward the plan to your Convention Services Manager at least (30) days prior to the scheduled event.


According to the Clark County Fire Department, the 1997 UNIFORM FIRE CODE states that all procedures must be in accordance with section 2505 when pertaining to general liquid-fueled and gas fueled vehicles and equipment for display, competition and/or demonstration:
Liquid-fueled and gas-fueled vehicles and equipment
General. Liquid-fueled and gas-fueled vehicles and equipment used for display, competition or demonstration within assembly occupancies shall be in accordance with Section 2505.
General. Display of liquid-fueled and gas-fueled vehicles and equipment inside and assembly occupancy shall be in accordance with Section 2505.2
Batteries. Batteries shall be disconnected in an approved manner.
Fuel Systems.
Fueling. Vehicles or equipment shall not be fueled or defueled within the building.
Quality limit. Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one eighth of the tank.
Inspection. Fuel systems shall be inspected for leaks.
Closure. Fuel-tank openings shall be locked and sealed to prevent the escape of vapors.
Location. The location of vehicles or equipment shall not obstruct or block exits.
Competitions and Demonstrations.
General. Liquid-fueled and gas-fueled vehicles and equipment used for competition or demonstration within an assembly occupancy shall be in accordance with Section 2505.3
Fuel storage. Fuel for the vehicles or equipment shall be stored in approved containers in an approved location outside the building.
Fueling. Refueling shall be performed outside the building at an approved site.
Spills. Fuel spills shall be cleaned up immediately.

These codes are subject to change without notice.

Automobiles or other fuel powered vehicles of any nature must follow the following guidelines:
  1. Less than 1/8 tank of fuel.
  2. Batteries to be removed or disconnected.
  3. Locking gas caps or caps sealed with tape.
  4. Ignition keys removed.
  5. Propane tanks to be removed.
  6. Each vehicle must be equipped with its own fire extinguisher.
  7. Visqueen or other protective covering approved by MBCC placed underneath vehicle.

Special Permits

Clark County Zoning Code 29.44.130 states that the promoter or organizer of an event erecting any temporary structures obtain zoning and building permits. Temporary structures may include tents, bleachers, fencing, balloons, or any changes to the outside appearance of the facility. Please contact the Clark County Planning Department at (702) 455-4314 for further details.