The CBG Experience New Orleans

Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Monday, September 12 - Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Show Site Work Rules

Union Information

To assist you in planning your participation in your show, we are certain you will appreciate knowing in advance that union labor will be required for certain aspects of your exhibit handling.
Display Installation and Dismantling Labor order forms are enclosed for your convenience. However, if you plan to set your own exhibit, we ask that you read the following: Full-time employees of exhibiting companies may set their own exhibits. These employees must be prepared to produce some type of company identification when engaged in these activities. We request that all exhibiting company employees have a photo ID displayed while on the showsite floor.

Teamster Labor - Carpenters Local 1846 and IATSE Local 39

GES will provide members from the Teamsters union as needed, who have jurisdiction for all material handling within the boundaries of the convention facility. They unload all trucks or vehicles, deliver the material to your booth and remove and reload materials at the close of the show.

Freight Handling Jurisdiction

GES has the responsibility of receiving and handling all exhibit materials and empty crates. It is our responsibility to manage docks and schedule vehicles for the smooth and efficient move-in and move-out of the exposition. Exhibitors may hand-carry their own materials into the Exhibit Hall. The use of dollies, flat trucks, and other mechanical equipment is not permitted by exhibitors. Access to the loading docks will be controlled by GES in order to provide for a safe and efficient move-in and move-out. GES will not be responsible, however, for any material we do not handle. GES Representatives will have sole responsibility in determining the loading and unloading procedures on the dock of the respective facilities.

Installation and Dismantle Labor

GES will provide Display union personnel to provide labor for the installation and dismantling of your exhibit. Full-time, bonafide, employees of the exhibiting companies are allowed to set their own exhibits without assistance from the union. Any labor services that may be required beyond what your regular full-time employees can provide must be rendered by union labor. Labor can be ordered in advance by returning the enclosed labor form, or on show site at the GES Servicenter.

Electrical Labor

Electrical labor includes wiring, hookups, interconnections, electrical signs, video taping, camera operations, (including audio and lighting), and television and VCR connections. Responsibility for assembly, installation and dismantle of anything using electricity as a source of power is provided by union personnel. The specific contractor is chosen either by the respective facility, or an established contractor chosen by Show Management. Please check this kit for information regarding the installation and dismantling of any electrical needs you may have.

Quality of Work

If you encounter any difficulty with any laborer or if you are not satisfied with the work performed, please bring this issue to the attention of the Show Manager or the GES Servicenter staff. Please refrain from voicing complaints directly to the craft personnel.
The personnel in charge of your exhibit should carefully inspect and sign all Work Order Forms. If there are any questions about an item on your invoice, please bring the invoice to the GES Servicenter personnel and discuss it with the personnel in charge.


Our work rules prohibit the SOLICITATION OR ACCEPTANCE of tips in cash, product or gifts in kind by any employee (union or non-union). Our employees are paid appropriate wages denoting professional status, therefore tipping of any kind is not allowed.
GES requests that exhibitors do not tip (such practices as giving money, merchandise, or other special consideration for service rendered) to our employees. Do not give coffee breaks other than mid-morning and mid-afternoon, when employees have a fifteen minute paid break. Any attempts to solicit a gratuity by an employee for any service should be reported immediately to a GES supervisor. Employees of GES are paid at an excellent wage scale and thus, tipping is strongly discouraged as not being an accepted policy of GES. This applies to all GES employees.

Work Zone

Customer acknowledges that the show site and surrounding areas are active work zones. Customer, its agents, employees and representatives are present at their own risk.

Always Honest Hotline

GES requires the highest standards of integrity from all employees. Please call our confidential Always Honest hotline at 800-443-4113 to report fraudulent or unethical behavior.