Data Center World Global 2018

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Wednesday, March 14 - Thursday, March 15

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Exhibitor Certificate of Insurance

PDF Exhibitor Certificate of Insurance

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Exhibitor Insurance
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Per the Terms & Conditions, every exhibitor is required to carry property and liability insurance in amounts sufficient to cover any losses or liabilities exhibitor may incur in connection with the Show, including without limitation, due to damage or loss to exhibitor’s property or injury to the person and/or property of others. Notwithstanding the foregoing and except as otherwise provided in the Exhibitor Services Kit, at all times that exhibitor has access to the Show grounds, exhibitor shall maintain at a minimum the following insurance from an insurance company rated B+ or above by A.M. Best Company:

(a) Workers’ compensation insurance in compliance with the laws of the state where the Show is held, with a liability limit that complies with statutory requirements; and (b) General commercial liability insurance, including contractual liability and advertising injury coverage, with a minimum liability limit of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.

Exhibitor’s policy should add Penton Media, Inc. and Penton Business Media, Inc. and their respective affiliates, the applicable Show facility, and GES (and/or any other official exhibitor service contractor) as additional insureds.

By executing the Agreement, exhibitor represents and warrants that it has all such insurance in effect and that it shall maintain all such insurance at least through exhibitor’s occupancy of the exhibit space and the Show facility. If requested by Show Management, exhibitor shall provide a certificate of insurance evidencing the required coverage.

If you don’t currently have property and general liability insurance, you will need to purchase prior to the show. You may use any insurance company you wish (rated B+ or higher by A.M. Best Company), or you may use our preferred provider (application pdf provided below).