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Santa Clara Convention Center

Tuesday, June 25 - Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Order GES Services by Monday, June 3 for Best Pricing

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Priority Empty Return is a GES+ service that allows exhibitors to receive their empty crates within 90 minutes post aisle carpet removal during show close. Time required for aisle carpet removal varies by show. If there is no carpet to be removed, empty returns will be returned at show close within this respective timeframe. Be aware! There is a limit on how many stickers each exhibitor is able to purchase. These limits vary by show and availability.

Price: Stickers are a flat fee of $150 per sticker regardless of the venue.

Transferability: Stickers cannot be reused or transferred to other exhibitors, booths, or shows. If you previously purchased Priority+ stickers for another show, you will need new stickers for every future show.

How many to buy: Exhibitors must purchase one (1) sticker per crate or container. No stacking is allowed.

Due to limited quantities, if you are interested in purchasing please contact Product & Services Inside Sales Representative Dominique Davis at (702) 550-3576 or