The Los Angeles Auto Show

Los Angeles Convention Center

Friday, November 30 - Sunday, December 9

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Hanging Sign and Truss Information

Union Information

The following is a list of important regulations to adhere to when designing your hanging sign / truss / video wall / audio requirements for the The Los Angeles Auto Show. Please remember that rigging must be performed exclusively by Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES).

  • All hanging signs / truss / video walls / audio require written approval by GES. Please submit the Rigging Plan Submittal. Do not send the approval form to the GES National Servicenter. Exhibitors not meeting the deadline date on this form may not be eligible to hang signage, truss/lighting, or audio/video and will not be eligible for the advance pricing discounts
In Order to Receive Discount Rates:
  • All requests for Rigging Approval must include a .dwg drawing for review by GES using Imperial Units. Scaled drawings should include both plan and elevation views by the deadline date on the approval form.
  • Approvals for rigging are dependent upon the allowable load limit of the structural framework of the Los Angeles Convention Center.
  • South Hall:
    Weight: The maximum allowable load for each purlin beam in South Halls G-K is 800 pounds total load on each span. Bridles are allowed only in plane with the beam. An additional load of 800 pounds can be added to each fixed shackle hang point. Bridles to shackles can only receive 800 maximum tension load.
  • Petree Hall:
    Weight: The maximum allowable load on each of the fixed points in Petree Hall is 400 pounds (Vertical hang only) Height: Ceiling Height is 17-ft. Low soffit height is 15 ft.
  • Concourse Hall:
    Weight: The maximum allowable load on each of the fixed points in Concourse Hall is 500 pounds (Vertical hang only) Height: Ceiling Height is 16' 10"
  • West Hall:
    Weight: The maximum allowable load for each purlin beam in West Hall A-B is 800 pounds total load on each span between bracing trusses. Bridles are allowed only in plane with the beam.
  • The Garage...Where Car Culture Lives!:
    Rigging points are very limited in this hall. Banners and signage weighing more than 49lbs may not be approved for rigging. Please contact Kelly Green at and copy - Tammy Van Hooser with questions.
  • Meeting Rooms: The only attachments allowed in the meeting rooms are to the T-bar ceiling channel. The use of this channel is for very lightweight foam core signs or banners. The maximum allowable load to be attached to the T-bar in these rooms is 5 lbs., attached at 5 ft. intervals.
  • LED Walls: LED walls are somewhat challenging to suspend to the ceiling due to their inherent weight. Please submit accurate single panel weights, total number of panels, bumper weight, pick point locations, and overall dimensions. Please include the weight of all rigging hardware and brackets.
  • Labor to assemble LED ground supported walls without the need of a scissor lift is work performed by Local 831. Labor for Ground supported LED walls, requiring the use of a scissor lift, should be ordered on the Labor and Equipment page. Labor to assemble and install LED walls suspended from the ceiling as well as attaching speakers or other AV components i.e. projectors or projection screens to truss or into the ceiling is work performed by the GES riggers from the official contractor.
  • The load limits to the ceiling are strictly enforced. The loads to the ceiling need to be considered in your design process. GES will be glad to consult with your designer during this process to help them interpret the allowable ceiling loads.

Important Rigging Deadline Date

The following forms are due on October 8, 2018.
  • Rigging Approval Form
  • Rigging Plot (.dwg 2D) including all rigging elements. (Signage, truss/lighting, audio, and video) point load calculations, as well as ceiling distributed loads must be included. All plans should be submitted using Imperial Units.
The following forms are due on October 30, 2018. Important Note:
Should there be any discrepancy between what Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES) Management approved and what is actually hung on-site; the properties in violation shall be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • GES Rigging must suspend all hanging signs/truss. No other contractor or personnel will be allowed to attach any properties to the ceiling or building structure. GES is the sole provider of lift equipment for all public areas & exhibit halls.
  • Assembly: All assembly of hanging signs, video walls and truss must be done by GES Rigging. Additional GES personnel are available upon request for truss or sign assembly. Along with a hanging sign floorplan to include booth orientation, set-up instructions must be provided for signs requiring assembly. Exhibitor or exhibitor’s authorized representative may supervise assembly.
  • All hanging signs, truss/lighting, audio, video must conform to show management rules and regulations as well as GES/AEG/ Los Angeles Convention Center regulations.
  • Hanging signs / video walls may not extend into any part of the aisles or neighboring exhibits. Any properties that have been attached to truss that needs to be relocated must first be approved by GES Rigging.
  • All hanging signs / truss / video walls / audio must have structural rigging points.
  • GES reserves the right to refuse to suspend any sign and or truss it deems unsafe.
  • GES reserves the right to utilize chain hoists to ensure safe sign and truss lifting.
  • GES Electricians: GES Electricians must be employed to install all lighting instruments, cabling installed on truss, as well as to focus, or adjust these instruments and / or devices. The lighting contractors’ licensed and bonded electrician can work on a 1:1 ratio with GES staff. This allowance pertains to installing and removing lighting, cabling and focus only.
  • In order to allow the rigging crews appropriate time between shifts, all rigging work must be completed by 10:00 P.M. each evening. Night shift crews should be scheduled accordingly.
  • At the close of the show, the exhibitor is responsible for the outbound shipping of their hanging signs. Show management assumes no responsibility and / or liability for the disposition of the hanging signs following the close of the show. Please make all appropriate arrangements for the care and shipment of your hanging sign with GES, and your designated outbound carrier.
  • All structural-hanging signs must be reviewed and signed off by a structural engineer with specifications of the hanging properties, including where and how attachments should be made. A rigging/hanging sign plot plan should be included showing booth orientation, as well as, coordinates in feet and inches for proper positioning within the booth space. Also, individual point load calculations must be included. These load calculations must be calculated in pounds and sent to:

    Kelly Green, VP Rigging

    cc: Tammy Van Hooser - SR. TSR Account Manager