ISSA Show North America​

McCormick Place Convention Center

Tuesday, October 11 - Thursday, October 13, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

McCormick Place Exhibitor Rights/Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle Unloading Policy

Exhibitor Rights

Q: What work can I do in my own booth?
A: Exhibitors may perform the following functions as long as they are full-time employees of the exhibiting company.

  • Setting up and dismantling exhibits with the use of exhibitor-owned tools (ladders, hand tools, cordless tools and power tools) without limit to the booth size.
  • Assembling and disassembling materials, machinery or equipment.
  • Installing all signs (except overhead ceiling signs), graphics, props, balloons, other decorative items, or Exhibitor drapery, including the skirting of Exhibitor tables.
  • Delivering, setting up, plugging in, interconnecting and operating Exhibitor electrical equipment, computers, audio-visual devices and other equipment.
  • Skidding, positioning and re-skidding all Exhibitor material, machinery and equipment using non-motorized hand trucks and dollies.

Q: What type of equipment is not permitted?
A: Exhibitors and their employees are not allowed to operate or stand on forklifts, pallet jacks, scaffolding, motorized dollies or similar motorized or hydraulic equipment. This also applies to GES supplied equipment to include scissor lifts, platforms and safety cages.

Q: What is a full-time employee?
A: An exhibitor employee is identified as someone who has been employed by the exhibitor on a full time basis for a minimum of 6 months before the show’s opening date.

Work Zone
Exhibitor acknowledges that the show site and surrounding areas are active work zones. Exhibitor, its agents, employees and representatives are present at their own risk.

If you encounter any difficulty with any laborer or if you are not satisfied with the work performed, please bring this to the attention of GES. Please refrain from voicing complaints directly to labor.

Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle Unloading Policy

As part of our ongoing efforts to create an exceptional exhibitor experience, the facility will provide an accessible location for exhibitors to unload and load smaller materials and equipment used in their exhibit booths.

Q: What is considered an "Automobile or Small Utility Vehicle"?
Typical vehicles that a family or small business may operate for transportation or light hauling including automobiles, pickup trucks, minivans, full-size vans and sport utility vehicles. This does not include multiple axle vehicles, flatbed trucks, box vans or trailers.

Q: What can be unloaded or loaded from these vehicles?
Equipment, displays or other event related materials that can fit into approved vehicles and which can be transported by the owner or employee by hand or with the use of a exhibitor supplied manual cart or dolly. Due to safety concerns and in order to maintain an organized orderly flow during load-in and load-out periods, exhibitors and their employees are not allowed to use forklifts, pallet jacks, motorized dollies, or similar motorized or hydraulic equipment to load, unload or transport materials on the facility property.

Q: Who can unload the vehicle?
Either an exhibitor or a full-time employee of the exhibiting company may unload or load the vehicle. In order to use the designated "Automobile or Small Utility Vehicle" area, eligible exhibitors and exhibitors’ employees must work in a team of at least two people.

Q: What is a full-time employee?
An exhibitor employee is identified as someone who has been employed by the exhibitor on a full time basis for a minimum of 6 months before the show's opening date.

Q: How many employees do I need in my vehicle?
There must be a driver who stays with the vehicle at all times and is immediately available to move the vehicle in addition to at least one person to transport the materials to and from the exhibit. This will help speed up access for others who wish to use this convenience and prevent vehicles from being boxed in.

Q: How much time will I have?
The time allotted to individual vehicles to unload or load will be no more than 20 minutes.

Q: When will the areas be available to exhibitors?
During the move in, the self unloading area will be available on the last day of installation and when the show closes.