ISSA Show North America​

McCormick Place Convention Center

Tuesday, October 11 - Thursday, October 13, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Plumbing, Air, Water and Gas

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GES' liability for any and all loss or damage is limited to the value of the cost of plumbing services provided or the depreciated value of goods, whichever is less.


Important Conditions and Regulations

  • All material and equipment furnished by GES for this service order shall remain GES property and shall be removed only by GES at the close of the show.
  • Wall, column and permanent building utility outlets are not a part of booth space and are not to be used by Exhibitors.
  • All equipment must comply with state and local safety codes.
  • Claims will not be considered unless filed by Exhibitor prior to close of exposition, no exceptions.
  • Prices based upon current wage rates and are subject to change without notice.
  • Under no circumstances shall anyone other than "Plumbing Personnel" make service connections.
  • Special equipment requiring company engineering or technicians for assembly, servicing, preparatory work and operation may be executed without GES "Plumbing Personnel." However, all service connections to such equipment must be made by GES "Plumbing Personnel" only.
  • All equipment using water must have inlet and outlet properly tagged.
  • Unless otherwise directed, GES "Plumbing Personnel" are authorized to cut floor coverings to permit installation of service.
  • Service outlet size will be determined by the volume required.
  • All work performed within booth attaching lines to equipment will be charged on a time and material basis in addition to connection fees.
  • A separate connection fee will be made for each piece of equipment using connected service, whether connected directly or otherwise.
  • GES must have 30 days notice in order to supply special regulators, strainers, traps, etc.
  • GES Plumbing will not be responsible for sediment, color or taste of water in water line.
  • All services will be disconnected/shut off at conclusion of show unless advance notice has been given and acknowledged.
  • All cylinders must be firmly attached to exhibit. If cylinder must be made secure by contractor a labor charge may be added.
  • A connection of a regulator to equipment will be subject to a 1 hour minimum labor charge plus materials at prevailing labor rates.
  • Any wastewater or fluids deemed to be hazardous will incur a hazardous material surcharge. Please email for quote.

Compressed Air

GES is not responsible for moisture, oil, or water in our lines, loss of pressure or excess pressure. GES Plumbing is the exclusive provider of compressed air for this event. The use of portable compressors are strictly prohibited. Only compressors that are part of an Exhibitor’s product display or installed as an integral part of an Exhibitor’s product will be allowed on the show floor. Exhibitors must supply their own filters, air dryers, or pressure regulators.


Pressure may vary. No guarantee can be made of minimum or maximum pressures. If pressure is critical, Exhibitor should arrange to have a pressure regulator valve or pump installed.


Laying of any lines under carpet or other flooring, or spotting from ceiling will be an additional labor charge.

Facility Pressures to Know

  • Compressed Air - Pressure of 90-100 pounds per square inch (psi). If an exhibitor needs more than 180 cfm, a second air line must be ordered.
  • Hoses Pressure - All of our hoses are rated at 250 psi (pounds per square inch) bursting pressure. Any hoses brought in by clients must also have this rating.
  • Natural Gas - A one inch gas line provides a constant one pound pressure per square inch.
  • Drain - Any drain over one inch, please call for quote.

We can supply a complete line of any two, three or four mixtures and quantity with advance notice. We do not stock any bottled gases on premises. Many of our gases require a minimum of two weeks notice. Please email your request to for a quote.

In order to comply with the City of Chicago Fire Code, all flammable gases, i.e. acetylene, hydrogen, methane and anything red tagged, must be removed from the event floor during the evening.

Labor to deliver and pick up bottled gases will be charged at the prevailing labor rates.

Additional Information

  • Any drain over one inch, please call for quote.
  • Labor charges will be incurred for all connections to the equipment.
  • Labor to deliver and pick up bottled gases will be charged at the prevailing labor rates.
  • Electricity or Electrical Labor to connect and/or operate any plumbing equipment is not included.
  • GES is not responsible for color or sediment in water fill.
  • Ramps over utility lines in a booth are provided on a time and material basis.
  • To receive the discount rate on services and labor, the Booth Layout - Plumbing form or a scaled plan in CAD or PDF format must include locations for plumbing services, booth orientation and be submitted with your order.

Hazardous Materials and Venting

  • Any wastewater or fluids deemed to be hazardous will incur a hazardous material surcharge. Please email for quote.
  • Venting to Atmosphere - email
    Indicate size of flu pipes and if draft inducer is required.