Georgia International Convention Center

Friday, March 10 - Sunday, March 12, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Show Site Work Rules

Union Information

To assist you in planning your participation in your show, we are certain you will appreciate knowing in advance that union labor will be required for certain aspects of your exhibit handling.

Loading and Unloading Display Material and Equipment

The unloading and delivery of all display material and equipment from the convention site docks to the exhibitors' booths and loading out from the exhibitors' booths to trucks at the docks must be performed by the Official Service Contractor who has jurisdiction to deliver such service at the convention site. Please refer to SHIPPING INFORMATION for FURTHER information.

Personally Owned Vehicles (POV's) such as cars, pick up trucks and minivans that are utilized for the unloading/loading of exhibit materials will be monitored by GES Freight Personnel. This will allow exhibitors the opportunity to unload quickly and safely into the exhibit area. All box trucks, straight trucks, personal trucks over one ton, trailers and bobtails or other larger vehicles not classified as a Personally Owned Vehicle, will be directed to the marshalling yard area for GES freight handling services.

Installation and Dismantle

GA is a "right-to-work" state. Exhibitors have the option of utilizing the Official Service Contractor, who provides quality union labor from the Stagehands Union, qualified display houses or personnel from their own companies to install and dismantle displays. Please refer to the EXHIBIT INSTALLATION & DISMANTLING LABOR ORDER FORM for further information. All cleaning is properly the jurisdiction of the Official Service Contractor operating in the building. Display houses or full time employees from the I & D companies, may not clean exhibit booths.
All rigging and sign hanging must be performed by the Official Service Contractor.


Our work rules prohibit the SOLICITATION OR ACCEPTANCE of tips in cash, product or gifts in kind by any employee (union or non-union). Our employees are paid appropriate wages denoting professional status, therefore tipping of any kind is not allowed.

Work Zone

Customer acknowledges that the show site and surrounding areas are active work zones. Customer, its agents, employees and representatives are present at their own risk.