Wireless West Conference

Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Montelucia

Tuesday, April 16 - Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Fire Regulations

Dear Exhibitors: The Fire Department wants to help you set up your exhibit in a safe manner. To avoid any last minute changes in your setup, we ask that you read the information below about the City's fire code as it pertains to your exhibit. Should questions arise after reviewing this material, or if your exhibit includes items that require special approval, please call Carma Flanigan, Fire Prevention Specialist, 602.534.3474 in advance of exhibit move-in.

General Requirements:

  1. The trade show/exhibit shall be set up as indicated on the approved plan(s).
  2. ALL DECORATIONS, including but not limited to, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, cotton, hay, paper, straw moss split bamboo, wood chips, and foamcore shall be rendered flame retardant. Oilcloth, tar paper, nylon, plastic cloth and certain other plastic materials cannot be made flame retardant and their use is prohibited. Vertical carpet is not allowed unless it is flame retardant. Proof of a satisfactory flame retardant treatment may include a field flame test or documentation.
  3. Exit signs shall be visible from any location in the room. If not, temporary exit signs shall be posted.
  4. Exit and aisles shall be clear of all obstructions. This includes charts, easels, trailer tongues, etc.
  5. Aisles shall be a minimum ten (10) feet wide in the exhibit halls* and eight (8) feet wide in meeting rooms*. *This may be increased based upon the show type and setup.
  6. A minimum three (3) foot clearance shall be provided around all fire extinguishers*, fire hose cabinets, and fire alarm pull stations. *If fire extinguishers are obstructed by booths or drapes then the event is responsible to provide accessible 2A-10BC fire extinguisher(s)
  7. Combustible materials such as pamphlets or paper products shall be limited to a one (1) day supply and shall be maintained in an orderly fashion inside the booth. Any storage of combustible materials such as packing materials behind the booth is prohibited.
  8. Combustible materials (i.e., crates and boxes) shall be stored outside the building in an approved area or in an approved storeroom.
  9. Non-flammable compressed gas cylinders shall be properly secured to prevent tipping over.
  10. Single station smoke detectors shall be provided in all enclosed exhibits exceeding 120 square feet with roofs (i.e., recreational vehicles, mobile homes, tents, trailers, etc.). Enclosed exhibits exceeding 300 square feet shall comply with additional requirements.
  11. Booths which require 50' or more travel distance to reach an exit access aisle shall be provided with a minimum of two (2) exits remote from each other.


    1. All fuel tank fill caps shall be sealed in an approved manner to prevent the escape of vapors
    2. Fuel in the fuel tanks shall not exceed one quarter of the tank capacity or five (5) gallons (18.9L), whichever is less.
    3. Vehicles or equipment shall not be fueled or defueled within the building.
    4. The “hot lead” battery cable shall be removed from the battery used to start the vehicle while the vehicle is in the building. The disconnected battery cable shall be taped.
    5. Batteries used to power auxiliary equipment may be permitted to be kept in service.

  2. COOKING AND WARMING DEVICES: All cooking and warming shall be approved by the Fire Marshal. All cooking devices shall be listed by recognized testing laborites (i.e.,UL/FM).
    1. Cooking and warming devices shall be isolated from the public by either placing the devices minimum four (4) feet back from the front of the booth, or providing a rated Plexiglas shield between the public and the device(s).
    2. Individual cooking or warming devices shall not exceed 288 square inches of surface area.
    3. The table surface holding the cooking or warming device shall be of non-combustible material.
    4. A minimum of two (2) feet shall be provided between devices.
    5. Combustible materials shall be maintained a minimum of two (2) feet from cooking and warming devices.
    6. A 20-B:C rated fire extinguisher shall be provided, or an approved automatic extinguishing system shall be provided, within each booth utilizing cooking or warming devices.
    7. Butane burners are allowed providing that (1) the cylinder and appliance is listed (i.e. UL/FM), (2) the appliance shall not have more than (2) two non-refillable cylinders, each having a maximum capacity of 1.08 lbs (0.490 KG), (3) the full/empty cylinders shall be removed from the building after every day, and no extra cylinders shall be stored within the building.

    1. Non-grounded two (2) wire extension cords are not permitted.
    2. Extension cords shall not be run under carpet/rugs unless designed to, or is approved by the in-house electricians.
    3. There shall be a three (3) foot clearance between lights and combustibles.
    4. All electrical cords, devices, and equipment shall be free from defects.
    5. All electrical cords in the path of travel shall be taped down to prevent tripping.

  4. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS ARE PROHIBITED. These include but are not limited to:
    1. Flammable compressed gases such as acetylene, hydrogen, and propane.
    2. Flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, cleaning solvents, thinners and other petroleum-based liquids unless allowed in section A. LIQUID AND GAS FUELED VEHICLES.
    3. Hazardous materials such as pool chemicals, pesticides, corrosives, herbicides, poisons, etc.
    4. Explosive materials unless approved by the Fire Marshal.
    5. Cryogenic (i.e. liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, etc.) unless approved by the Fire Marshal.

    1. Cooking or warming devices in compliance with B. COOKING AND WARMING DEVICES.
    2. Items reviewed and approved by the Fire Marshal (i.e. candles).
    3. Sterno may be used for warming trays.

    1. Tents over 400 square feet and canopies over 1200 square feet.
    2. Outdoor/indoor pyrotechnic events. Only a pyrotechnic operator with a valid City of SCOTTSDALE Certificate of Fitness Card is authorized to conduct a permitted display or show.