WMA Convention & Expo

Peppermill Reno

Tuesday, October 24 - Wednesday, October 25, 2023

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Fire Regulations

City of Reno Fire Prevention Bureau
1 East First Street, 4th Floor
Reno, NV 89501
775-334-2300 (Phone)
775-334-3826 (Fax)


This information contained in this brief outline does not by any means cover completely the ordinances and regulations contained in the Reno/Sparks Fire Code, but it does provide the basic rules governing concessions, exhibits and shows in any building open to the public.

  1. Submit plans to the contractor before erecting a structure as a display inside an exhibit building unless the decorative and construction materials are non-combustible or flameproof.
  2. All curtains, drapes, or decorations must be non-combustible or flameproof.
  3. Any merchandise or material attached to drapes or tale skirts must be non-combustible or flameproof.
  4. Automotive vehicles and equipment may be displayed if:
    1. Fuel tanks are locked and sealed.
    2. Battery cables are disconnected.
    3. Ignition keys are removed and at display location.
    4. Vehicle operation is limited to brief parade type displays specifically approved by the fire marshal.
  5. The storage of combustible shipping containers must be confined to areas approved by the fire marshal.
  6. The use, display or storage of LPG, flammable liquid, or flammable gas must be approved by the fire marshal in writing.
  7. The use of open flames, burning, or smoke-emitting materials as part of an act, display or show is prohibited.
  8. Combustible waste is to be collected as it accumulates and be stored in non-combustible, covered containers, which are emptied at least once each day.
  9. The use of welding and cutting equipment for demonstration purposes must be by permit from the fire marshal.
  10. The use of compressed gas cylinders must be approved by the fire marshal and cylinders must be firmly secured in an upright position.
  11. All commercial type cooking appliances, which provide grease-laden vapors, shall be equipped with ventilation hoods and approved automatic extinguishing systems. All other cooking devices shall have adequate separation from combustible materials by spacing or non-combustible shielding.
  12. All use of any gas fire appliance must be approved by the fire marshal; the use of salamander stoves is prohibited.
  13. Sawdust and shavings shall be kept flameproof.
  14. The storage of hay and straw must be approved by the fire marshal.
  15. Any chemical display must be accompanied by the material safety data sheet (MSDS) at required by federal and state OSHA regulations and EPA guidelines. Written approval by the property involved may be required, as well as special permits from the fire department.
  16. All electrical wiring shall be installed in a manner approved by the City Electrical Inspector. All electrical work and temporary wiring must be in accordance with the latest National Electric Codes and City Electrical Codes. All temporary wiring must have a grounded system. No grounded cords will exceed their amp rating. Multiple outlet devices must be U.L. approved, fused and used within their ratings. All electrical work must be done and supervised by a licensed electrical contractor. At no time will power to exhibit areas be left energized band unattended without a competent licensed electrical worker. All power to exhibits, displays, etc. shall be turned off during non-show hours to insure against potential fire hazards. All temporary electrical wiring must be accessible and free from debris and storage material. Electrical extension cords must be grounded and U.L. approved. Approved multi-plug power strips and circuit breaker must be used. Keep storage and combustibles away from this area. No generators allowed inside of the building.
  17. Contact the Washoe county Health Department and the City Fire Marshal regarding specific food preparation, service, regulations, restrictions, permits, and / or fees. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR MORE SPECIFIC COOKING REGULATIONS FOR THE CITY OF RENO
  18. Canopy's, tents, awnings, etc., anything over 4' x 4' or 16 square feet, must have smoke detectors. These are the basic rules and every exhibit must comply prior to scheduled opening.


Demonstration cooking inside buildings used as places of assembly will be permissible without a commercial hood. Demonstration cooking equipment such as cooking surfaces, griddles, broilers, char broilers, grills, electrical ovens, and portable cooking appliances will be allowed for demonstration purposes only during a Special Event. Demonstration cooking will be allowed by Special Use Permit only. The exception to this policy is UL approved self-contained appliances (with ventilation and extinguishing systems), steamers, chaffing dishes, convention ovens, UL approved enclosed popcorn cookers, UL approve hot dog roller cookers and microwave ovens.

Special Use Permits
Special Use Permits must be issued prior to the cooking demonstration. An approved floor plan must be submitted and approved prior to the issuance of the Special Use Permit. Special Use Permits must be applied for not less than 48 hours prior to the first scheduled move in day of the vent. The floor plan shall note the number of exhibits and locations used for demonstration cooking. Upon submittal of the floor plan, the permittee shall provide the manufacturers specifications for each cooking appliance for each exhibit. Floor plans will not be accepted for review without the above exhibit information. Set up for the event shall not start until the floor plan has been approved. Issuance of demonstration cooking permits will not exceed 40% of the vendor spaces inside the building. The fee for the permit will be $50.00. When exceeding 50 vendor spaces, a fire watch may be required by the Fire Marshal. The fire watch costs will be billed to the promoter or building owner. Upon acceptance of the permit, the permittee will be provided with the fire safety requirements for demonstration cooking. The applicant shall provide a copy of these requirements for each vendor space. The requirements shall be available in each cooking exhibit. Failure to comply with the code requirements will result in the revocation of the permit.

Fire Safety Requirements
All cooking appliances must be UL approved.
Only two UL approved cooking appliances will be allowed for a 10' X 10' area.
The public must be protected from the cooking appliance by a noncombustible barricade.
Cooking appliances must be kept clear of combustibles.
A Nevada tagged 5-pound ABC type fire extinguisher is required within thirty feet of each vendor space where cooking occurs.
No open flames will be allowed in the booth.
No deep-frying will be allowed.
No charcoal BBQ's will be allowed.
No flammable gas fired appliances will be allowed.
A responsible person shall be in the exhibit when the cooking appliance is in operation.
The exhibit must be inspected for fire safety, by the permittee, one half hour after the exhibit closes.
Cooking will not be allowed inside covered exhibits.
Char broilers require separate approval.
Unusual equipment not mentioned in this policy will be approved or disapproved by the Bureau of Fire Prevention.
Any facility allowing demonstration cooking shall annually inspect the ceiling and ventilation ducts above the exhibit area for great accumulation. The facility shall keep a written record of such inspections.
No cooking will be allowed within twenty feet of exit doors in the exhibit areas.
No cooking will be allowed in any concourse or exit way.