Auto Finance Summit

Wynn Las Vegas

Wednesday, October 26 - Friday, October 28, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Fire Regulations

  1. All fire exits must be kept clean and unobstructed. In addition, all aisles and exits shown on the approved plan must be kept clean and clear to include booth signs and posters.

  2. All decorations, drapes, banners and decorative materials shall be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the Clark County Fire Marshal. Canvas, cloth, cardboard, leaves, or any combustible material shall be completely flame retardant. A full list of prohibited items can be obtained upon request. All material must be accompanied by an official flame retardant certificate and provided to the Director of Entertainment Production Services prior to move-in.

  3. All labor or purchases required to bring the work up to code will be the Group’s responsibility. Noncompliance with any Clark County Fire requirements will result in the cancellation of the event by the Wynn Las Vegas without liability to Wynn Las Vegas.

  4. All packing containers, wrapping materials and display materials must be removed by the exhibition company and placed in storage not provided by the Resort. Any loose items not secured in storage will be removed as trash.

  5. All freight, box containers and equipment will be inspected by Wynn Security at all loading docks and staging areas prior to moving into the property.

Cooking within exhibit booths will be permitted only with the approval of the Clark County Fire Department and the Wynn Las Vegas Catering Department. A permit from the Clark County Fire Department is required if cooking will be performed. A copy of the Itinerant Food Permit Application can be obtained from the Convention Services Manager. Clark County Codes require hoods for venting and are very precise in other requirements. Please see below:

All potentially hazardous foods (meats, dairy products, poultry, etc.) must be maintained at proper temperatures: 45° F or colder or 140° F or hotter. Poultry products must be cooked to at least 165° F. Stem thermometers must be available to monitor food temperature.

  • Adequate refrigeration must be available for proper food storage.

  • Samples must be protected from contamination by sneeze guards, domes or covers. Suitable utensils or individual portions must be provided.

  • Single service gloves or suitable utensils must be provided for handling of all ready to eat food.

  • A bucket of sanitizer must be provided at each booth. The water must be changed periodically. The sanitizing solution must me made by mixing 1-1/2 teaspoons of bleach to each gallon of cool water.

  • No smoking or eating is permitted in any booth preparing or serving food.

  • A fire extinguisher must be provided in any area using canned heat, gas or fire.

  • Adequate extension cords must be available and stored to prevent electrical shock or a tripping hazard.

  • All food must be stored off of the floor.