AFS Metalcasting Congress

Baird Center

Wednesday, April 24 - Thursday, April 25, 2024

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Fire Regulations

Fire and Convention Center Rules and Regulations

AIR, WATER, GAS AND DRAIN - Baird Center engineers are exclusively responsible for the installation of all utility connections to exhibits, for climate control within Baird Center facilities, and for maintaining HVAC, plumbing and other mechanical systems.

BANNERS AND SIGNS - Free standing signs, easels, banners, decorations and similar materials may be used and should be placed so they do not cause a traffic or fire hazard; i.e., inside the confines of your booth space; but, not in the aisles of the exhibits.

Signs may not be taped, nailed, stapled, hung or affixed to any surface of the Baird Center facility. Adhesive labels, decals and similar promotional items may not be used or distributed in the building.

Painting is not permitted in the building or on the premises.

Helium balloons must be securely anchored to displays, must have the approval of the Baird Center and Show Management, and may not be sold or distributed in the buildings.

BUSINESS CENTER - Operated by United Visual on the Mezzanine level of the Baird Center. It offers the technology and expertise of a professional office. Business Center services include copying, faxing and the use of PCs equipped with popular software for Internet access, word processing, presentation production and other needs. Call 414.908.6190.

ELECTRICAL SERVICES - Baird Center electricians are exclusively responsible for all electrical service connections and the installation and dismantling of anything that uses electricity as a power source.

No complimentary power is included with booth space rental.

All service connections and overload protection equipment must be installed and removed by the Baird Center's Electrical Service Department. All equipment and material furnished shall remain the property of Baird Center and shall be removed only by the Electrical Service department at the close of the show. Special equipment requiring company engineers or technicians for assembly, servicing, preparatory work and operation may be installed without Baird Center electricians with advance notice to your Event Services Manager. Exhibitors are allowed to supply their own multiple connectors, surge protectors and extension cords, provided they are grounded and meet all safety regulations. All power must be obtained from Baird Center.

Anything requiring 24 hour current must be ordered in advance and clearly marked on the Exhibitor Electrical Service Order Form.

Most utility services for exhibitors are located in floor boxes distributed on a 30’ x 30’ grid. Additional overhead electrical connections are available. Each floor box contains 120V/20 Amp outlets, 208V/60 Amp outlet, phone & data jacks, and connections for air, water and drain. Gas is located at the columns, at 90’ x 90’ intervals.

ELECTRICAL SAFETY - All electrical equipment must be properly tagged or marked as to the type and amount of current, voltage, phase, frequency, horsepower, etc. The use of open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire, unapproved duplex or triplex attachment plugs is prohibited. All 120 Volt cords must be three pronged, grounded cords. All exposed non-current-carrying metal parts of fixed equipment must be grounded.

All equipment, regardless of power source, must comply with local, state and national safety codes. Baird Center reserves the right to refuse any connection or equipment its electricians deem unsafe.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS - In the event of a serious emergency (Fire, Police, Medical), call 911 to report it immediately. Then dial “0” on any house phone to notify staff. The operator answering your call will follow up with the appropriate emergency services agency. It is illegal to call 911 for non-emergency situations.


  • Ceiling height is 30’ clear span
  • Floor load capacity is 350 lbs./sq. ft.
  • Floors are hardened concrete
  • Lighting is 80 footcandles @ 3 ft.AFF
  • Freight elevator capacity is 12,000 lbs.
  • Freight elevator dimensions……10’0” high x 9’8” wide x 20’8” deep

EXTERIOR DOORS - To prevent damage, exhibitors should only use entranceways designated for loading exhibit materials in and out; only hand-carried materials may be brought through regular pedestrian doors. For security reasons, exterior doors may not be propped open for any purpose.

FAX MACHINE AND COPY SERVICE - For events in the Baird Center, a fax machine and copiers are available for exhibitor and show management use in the Business Center.

FIRE AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS - All fire hose cabinets, pull stations and emergency exits (including those inside an exhibit space) must be visible and accessible at all times. All main and cross aisles, corridors, stairways and other exits must be maintained at their required width during show hours. Chairs, tables and other display equipment may not protrude into the aisles. Materials used in the construction of displays must be fire retardant or resistant and are subject to approval by the City of Milwaukee Building Inspection Department and Baird Center sale construction and maintenance of their displays. All empty crates and boxes must be stored in areas approved and assigned by Baird Center management.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICES - Levy Restaurants, Baird Center’s exclusive food and beverage provider, can serve anything from quality concessions and backstage catering to elegant hors d’ouevres or sumptuous full course banquets for a few dozen or as many as 10,000 people. Food and beverages may not be brought onto the premises to be sold, used or given away (samples) without Levy’s written consent.

GASOLINE AND DIESEL POWERED VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT - These include but are not limited to automobiles, boats, recreation vehicles, lawn mowers and other power equipment. A vehicle display permit must be obtained from the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, 414.286.2507, 10th Floor, 841 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202 at least two weeks before move-in.

GRATUITIES - Services provided by Baird Center employees will be performed in a timely and efficient manner without the need for extra incentives. Baird Center employees may not accept gratuities, free samples or product giveaways. Please help us avoid embarrassing moments by refraining from offering gratuities or samples to employees or management representatives.

HANGING SIGNS - Baird Center is responsible for all banners and signs which are suspended from the exhibit hall ceiling. For information on hanging signs, see Sign & Banner Hanging Order form in this service kit. Contact your Events Services Manager for details about sign and banner hanging labor and equipment costs.

Additional costs apply to motorized equipment use and to large (longer than 20 ft.), heavy (over 50 lbs.) or extremely heavy (over 100 lbs.) signs and banners.

Exhibitor signage should be delivered only during the designated sign hanging period before an event. Because of the difficulty of storing materials while other events move in and out, early deliveries may be refused at Baird Center’s discretion. Late deliveries may incur extra, unshared labor and equipment charges including minimum calls.

Please make arrangements with your official decorator to have the signage shipped out after an event. Baird Center personnel do not pack, store or ship signage or banners, and will not guarantee the return or the condition of any signage or banners left on the premises.

HAZARDOUS OCCUPANCY PERMIT - The City of Milwaukee has adopted the state code. ILHR 10 of the state code pertains to flammable and combustible liquids. Except as otherwise provided, the City of Milwaukee adopts Administrative Code, as amended, as part of this code. Vehicles with internal combustion engines may be exhibited in buildings, other than in those where the vehicles are normally serviced or sold or both, provided the following requirements are satisfied:

  • A specific area shall be designated for display of the vehicle(s).
  • The vehicle shall not be displayed in any required passageway, corridor or exit leading to an exit.
  • The vehicle engine shall not be started or run, except that the vehicle may be driven in and out of the building under its own power; but only when the building is not occupied by the general public.
  • The fuel supply in tanks shall be limited to not more than 5 gallons of fuel per vehicle when entering the building.
  • When it is necessary to drain the excess fuel from the tank, the draining operation shall take place outside of the building.
  • The fill cap shall be of a lock type or the cap shall be securely taped with a material that is not soluble in a petroleum fuel.
  • The grounding cable shall be disconnected from the battery terminal. The grounding cable and exposed battery terminal shall be completely covered with tape to be electrically insulated.
  • The throttle linkage to the carburetor shall be disconnected or the accelerator shall be blocked so that it cannot be depressed.
  • When the exhibition is unattended, the vehicle(s) doors shall be locked.
  • One approved hand fire extinguisher of at least 20 B:C rating shall be located within 75 feet travel distance of any displayed vehicle.
  • The local fire department shall be notified in writing 5 days in advance of the date the vehicle is to be displayed.
  • The local fire department having jurisdiction shall inspect the vehicles before the general public is permitted to occupy the building.
  • Smoking shall not be permitted in the posted vicinity of the vehicle being displayed.
  • “No smoking” signs shall be posted in the vicinity of the vehicle display.
  • The permit fee for a motor vehicle exhibition shall be computed at $2.00 per motor vehicle. The minimum fee shall be $50.00.
  • A $3.00 processing fee shall be charged for each permit issued.

LP TANK REGULATIONS - All liquid petroleum (LP) gas tanks must be removed. No LP tanks, empty or filled, are to be stored in the building. LP gas used to operate equipment is limited to five pounds filled capacity. A permit is required for LP gas usage and additional safety restrictions must be obtained from the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, 414.286.3441 (formerly “Department of Building Inspection”).

NOVELTY SALES - Under a joint venture with Levy Restaurants, Five Star Marketing has exclusive rights to conduct novelty sales in Baird Center facilities. Arrangements for the sale of novelty items should be made via the Levy sales department or Five Star Marketing.

OPERATIONAL INFORMATION - Written authorization by Baird Center management and the City of Milwaukee is required for the following:

  • Exhibit booths which have enclosed ceilings, upper decks or any large overhead advertising device in excess of 100 square feet; these require the use of perforated or porous materials that will not obstruct fire sprinkler protection. The City of Milwaukee Building Inspection Department requires such booths to be equipped with portable fire extinguishers.
  • Display and operation of any heater, heat producing or open flame devices such as barbecues, candles, lanterns, torches, fireplaces, etc.
  • Display and operation of any electrical, mechanical or chemical devices which may be deemed hazardous by the City of Milwaukee Building inspection Department.
  • Use or storage of flammable liquids, compressed gasses, dangerous chemicals or pyrotechnics.

PARKING - Baird Center operates a parking lot, adjacent to the Baird Center, with 150 premium spaces which may be rented. The lot is entered from Wells Street or eastbound Kilbourn Avenue. In addition there are over 14,000 public parking spaces within a four block radius, and 3,295 downtown street parking spaces are now free on Saturdays and Sundays, subject to posted time restrictions. It is recommended you visit a unique Milwaukee downtown parking information website and parking finder called

PYROTECNICS - Sparklers, fireworks and other such devices may not be used in Baird Center facilities, unless operated by licensed and bonded pyrotechnicians in accordance with local, state and federal laws. A City of Milwaukee permit is required for controlled pyrotechnical displays; for a permit application form, please contact your Event Services Manager, and submit the completed form to the City at least 30 days prior to the event. Permit requirements include explicit insurance coverage which may or may not be included in the insurance certificate required by Baird Center. Baird Center reserves final right of refusal pertaining to any and all pyrotechnical displays, confetti cannons and similar devices.

SMOKING - All Baird Center buildings are “non-smoking” facilities, and smoking is not permitted anywhere in them. We do not restrict smoking on outdoor areas of our premises and are grateful for everyone’s help in preventing litter and inconvenience to others.

WISCONSIN TAX LAW REQUIREMENTS - Wisconsin law requires any exhibitor or vendor selling or bartering goods, merchandise or services at the event. Wisconsin Depart of Revenue Form S-240 and/or Spreadsheet s-240a are to be used for reporting purposes. These are available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s Income, Sales and Excise Tax Division or your Event Services Manager.

For more information about you and your exhibitor’s tax obligations contact:

Compliance Bureau Temporary Events Program
PO Box 8901
Madison, WI 53708-8902

phone: 608.266.2776
fax: 608.267.1030
(download form S-240.pdf and spreadsheet S-240a.xls)