The Revolution & Paradigm Shift in Treatment of Migraine

Disney's Grand Floridian

Thursday, July 13 - Saturday, July 15, 2023

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Information about Material Handling/Drayage

What is Material Handling?

The unloading of your shipment, transporting it to your booth, storing and returning your empty crates and cartons and reloading your shipment at the close of the show (also called Drayage). This service is not included in the cost of your booth space. Avoid unexpected costs at show site and pre-order this service. Shipping/Logistics costs are separate and are not included in Material Handling rates.

  • Storage of materials for up to 30 days prior to your show.
  • Delivery of Shipments to your booth by your published set-up time.
  • Some convention centers and hotels do not have facilities for receiving or storing freight.
  • Saves valuable set-up time.
  • Remove all old shipping and empty storage labels.
  • Print Advance Shipping labels.
  • Order Material Handling/Drayage.
  • Remember to confirm receipt of your shipment prior to leaving for the show.
  • All shipments must have a Bill of Lading or delivery slip showing the number of pieces, weight and type of freight.
  • Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments.
  • Take the time to ensure that your display and products are packed neatly and securely.
  • Please do not ship the following items to the advance warehouse:
    • Pad-wrapped materials
    • Uncrated materials
    • Any single piece greater than 4,400 lbs (1995 kg)
    • Any single piece with a height greater than 100 inches (2.5 m)
    • Any single piece with a width greater than 96 inches (2.4 m)

Select a carrier with experience in handling exhibition materials. Make sure to give your carrier explicit information as to where and when to check in. Delivery and pick up times are often out of the range of normal delivery hours, make sure your carrier is committed to meeting your target dates and times. While making shipping plans to the Show, also plan for the return shipment.

Confirm your delivery date and time with your carrier, and have all pertinent shipping information in the hands of your representative at show site. You may also want to review the return of your Goods at the end of the show. GES Logistics domestic shipments can be tracked online by going to:

Handling charges are based on the weight of the freight and if it arrives before or after the targeted or posted date range. Shipments are billed per pound, starting at 25lbs or more. Shipments less than 25lbs are billed at a flat rate see Material Handling/Drayage for details. Please prepay all shipping charges - GES cannot accept or be responsible for collect shipments.

Material Handling Checklist
  • Confirm Dates- Take note of the Posted Date Range for shipments to arrive at the Advance Warehouse and Direct to Show. The Posted Date Range is located under Show Information, Important Dates and Deadlines.
  • Know your Weight- Material Handling is calculated by the weight in pounds multiplied by the rate based on when your shipment arrives to the warehouse or direct to show site.
  • Save 10% more on Material Handling by Shipping Round Trip with GES Logistics.
  • If advance freight is received outside the posted date range for shipments to arrive at the warehouse. See Material Handling/Drayage for details.
  • If direct freight is received outside of the targeted or posted date range for shipments to arrive direct to show site.

Labor and equipment for uncrating, unskidding, positioning, leveling, dismantling, recrating, and reskidding machinery and/or equipment must be ordered separately. Place your order for this labor using In-Booth Forklift Labor. If your material requires specialized rigging equipment, please notify us promptly so that we can make arrangements. When possible, supply your own rigging equipment with shipments and pre-rig your material.

Properly labeled empty shipping cartons will be picked up, stored and returned after the show. Labels are available at the GES Servicenter® and are for empty storage only. Depending on the size of the show, it can take from two to twelve hours to return empty crates. Do not store any items in crates marked "empty." GES has no liability for damage to crates or items sent to empty storage in crates.

Shipping information, outbound forms and labels will be available at the GES Servicenter®. UPS and Federal Express may not pick up at this facility. If you planned to ship via either carrier, you may need to make alternate arrangements. Make sure that someone from your company will be on-site to oversee the outbound shipment of your display and product. All balances must be paid to process the Outbound Material Handling Release form.

  • Liability - GES is liable for loss or damage to your goods only if the loss or damage is caused by GES negligence.
  • Sole Relief - If found liable for any loss, GES' sole and exclusive maximum liability for loss or damage to Customer's goods is limited to $.50 (USD) per pound with a maximum liability of $100 (USD) per container, or $1,500.00 (USD) per shipment, whichever is less.

All of your goods should be insured by your own insurance policy. Although we do our best to handle your goods as our own, there are many variables in shipping and handling that can affect your exhibit and products. GES has published GES Terms and Conditions of Contract that are in this exhibitor service manual. Please read them carefully. It is recommended that your goods be insured.

Customer acknowledges that the show site and surrounding areas are active work zones. Customer, its agents, employees and representatives are present at their own risk.

  • Are there special handling or overtime fees?
    No. If freight is delivered to the Advance Warehouse or Direct-to-Show within the posted date range or on-target, it is billed at the Standard Rate. If freight is delivered to the Advance Warehouse or Direct-to-Show outside the posted date range or off-target, it is billed at the Non-Standard Rate. Posted date ranges are listed under Important Dates and Deadlines under Show Information.

  • Will my rate change if my freight arrives after my targeted move-in time?
    Yes, if your freight arrives outside the posted date range or off-target, Material Handling would be calculated at the Non-Standard Rate.

  • If I ship something less than 25 pounds, will I be charged for it?
    Yes, any item less than 25 lbs. per shipment would be calculated at the flat rate. The flat rate is listed under Material Handling/Drayage.

  • Can I ship my freight to arrive before the posted date range?
    Check Important Dates and Deadlines to confirm if the show has an Advance Warehouse option. Freight will be accepted to the advance warehouse prior to posted receiving dates, please be advised that storage fees will apply.

  • What if my freight delivers without a weight certificate?
    Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments. If freight is delivered without a weight certificate, one will have to be obtained by the carrier. This could result in additional costs and/or delay in loading.

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