Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition

Georgia World Congress Center

Wednesday, June 26 - Friday, June 28

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Targeted Move-In and Freight Information

What is a targeted move-in and how does it work?

  • A targeted move-in is a designated day and time for arrival of a particular exhibitor or exhibit area depending on their location within the facility, according to a target map/floor plan.
  • Your assigned target is the date and time that your truck must check into the marshalling yard. Once the marshalling yard sends your truck to the building to start unloading your company's truck, your exhibit/ samples are taken directly to your booth space.
  • As long as your truck arrives on or before your target time on your targeted date, there is no additional off-target charge.
  • Find your targeted/scheduled time for move-in by reviewing the Targeted Floor Plan provided by the show organizer for target move-in times. This is for the move-in of your exhibit only. Your product can arrive at a later date.


  • All inbound exhibit material and equipment is specifically targeted by booth number.
  • Please refer to target assignments contained in this section.
  • Remember that off-target freight may be refused and charged an off-target surcharge.
  • Every attempt will be made to accommodate all inbound deliveries within their targeted day. However, there can be no guarantees with respect to absolute delivery dates and times.
  • We recommend scheduling installation labor to begin the day after your inbound target assignment.
  • It remains the exhibitors' responsibility to ensure that their freight is loaded to accommodate the inbound target assignments. Please plan carefully.
  • Off-target freight and equipment may be refused and/or rescheduled. Off Target Surcharge: 25% ($25 minimum) will apply to all inbound shipments arriving off-target. Please refer to Target Schedule.

Important Reminders

  • Your target assignment is designed to be the point at which direct deliveries may begin checking in at the Marshaling Yard. It is not the point at which set-up should be scheduled.
  • Freight shipped through our warehouse will be delivered prior to the the beginning of your assigned target date and time.
  • Route your shipments carefully. Utilize only carriers who provide bills of lading and can be contacted at any point in time.
  • Insure your material from the time it leaves your facility until it is returned.
  • Do not allow your carrier to block your on-target freight with off-target freight as the entire load may be rescheduled.

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