AUSA ILW Global Force Symposium and Exposition

Von Braun Civic Center

Tuesday, March 15 - Thursday, March 17

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Direct Shipment Bulletin

All drivers with direct Convention Center shipments MUST first report, IN PERSON, to the GES Marshaling Area in order to check-in.

Carriers need to arrive with light and heavy weight tickets for freight and will be redirected to a local scale if needed by GES staff.

Any vehicles, including company vans or company trucks, that attempt to report directly to the facility will be rerouted to the GES Marshalling Area and put at the end of the line. Traffic control problems and a lack of sufficient parking space necessitates utilization of this dispatching system.

These procedures apply to both Delivery and Pick-up as well as Move-in and Move-out.

Please inform your haulers and drivers of these new procedures for direct shipments.
Please Contact Us with questions.