PMA's Fresh Summit

Anaheim Convention Center, Halls A-E

Friday, October 18 - Saturday, October 19

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Target Move-In and Freight Information

To ensure a smooth show move-in and assist exhibitors in scheduling freight delivery and labor for booth set-up, a target move-in date and time has been assigned to your company. To determine your company’s specific target date/time, find your booth on the target floor plan and match the color to the key provided.

Please consider the following in regards to your target assignment:

  • Your target assignment is designed to be the point at which direct deliveries of booth materials and/or machinery should be checked in at the marshaling yard. It is not the point at which booth set-up should be scheduled as actual unloading may take hours based upon volume. Freight that arrives "off-target" may be subject to a surcharge.
  • We recommend scheduling installation labor to begin the day after your target assignment.
  • If your booth installation needs require more or less time than your target assignment allows, we recommend you either:
    1. Ship freight in advance to the warehouse - Items shipped in advance to the warehouse will be delivered to your booth location BY the target date/time provided and labor may be scheduled accordingly.
    2. Target dates may only be changed with written permission. Missing your target date for move-in will result in higher costs and delays.
    3. Submit a request for a target move-in change at right away if you need to come off target.

Personal Owned Vehicle (POV) Deliveries

POVs must check in at the marshalling yard. Please see Cartload Service for additional information about deliveries made with personally owned vehicles.

Inbound Shipping Tips

  • Route your shipments carefully. Utilize only carriers who provide bills of lading and can be contacted at any point in time. Insure your material from the time it leaves your facility until it is returned.

Additional Target Freight Information

It remains the exhibitors' responsibility to ensure that their freight is loaded to accommodate the INBOUND TARGET ASSIGNMENTS




Off-target freight and equipment may be refused and/or rescheduled.
Off Target Surcharge: 30% will apply to all inbound shipments arriving OFF TARGET. Please refer to Target Schedule.