Cosmoprof North America

Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Sunday, July 28 - Tuesday, July 30

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Column Wrapping Rules and Regulations

For Exhibitors with Columns Located within Their Contracted Booth Space

Every column has a fire strobe on each of its 4 sides, located 12' up. Strobes are 6.5" high, 5" wide and 1.16" deep. Strobes must remain visible throughout the exhibit hall at all times. Signage that blocks the sightlines to the strobes is not allowed under any circumstances.

Many columns have a fire hose cabinet and/or fire extinguisher cabinet which must remain accessible at all times. If you are planning a covering for a column you must provide access to the fire equipment (see below criteria).

ALL material used must be made of flame retardant material.

For Exhibitors with Columns Located Outside of Their Contracted Booth Space

Exhibitor must have Show Management's approval to wrap the column outside of their booth. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Columns with Fire Extinguisher Cabinets (FECs) Wrapping Criteria

Hard Structure/Walling/Drape:

  • Must have a door that provides direct access to the fire extinguisher. The front of the door cannot be blocked by any other object/structure and must maintain at least a 36" of clearance around all fire equipment per Clark County Fire Department. In addition, if the fire extinguisher is not visible behind the door, exhibitor must provide signage indicating that fire equipment is located behind the hard wall.
  • Exhibitors may choose to provide their own fire extinguisher instead of a door so long as the fire extinguisher is accessible in the same location and that signage clearly indicates that fire equipment is located behind. Fire extinguisher must be a standard up to date extinguisher (may not use your kitchen extinguisher). Please contact GES with extinguisher specifics.
  • We recommend renting one from GES at the service desk onsite. Contact GES at 800-475-2098
  • Electrical feeds must also be accessible. No signage is required for electrical feeds.

    Electrical feed box sizes:
    100 amp distribution panel
    13"d x 13"w x 4"h

  • The hard structure/wall/drape may go directly around the base of the column so long as fire equipment and electrical feeds are accessible as described above.
Columns with Fire Hose Cabinets (FHCs)

Fire House Cabinets (FHCs) must be visible at all times, any sort of obstruction is prohibited. You must maintain at least a 36" of access around all fire equipment per CCFD.

NOTE: The portion of the column above the fire equipment base is treated with a spray-on fire coating which tends to flake when hanging signs/banners. Additional cleaning services may be recommended.

Need to know what type of column you have within your booth space?

Contact your sales representative

Need help wrapping a column?

GES is available for hire to professionally wrap and utilize your column's vertical space as a promotional tool. Contact GES at 800-475-2098