OFF PRICE Specialist Show - Fall

Sands Expo and Convention Center

Saturday, August 11 - Tuesday, August 14

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Store With GES

To expedite and enhance your move-in for the February 2019 Fall show, take advantage of GES Storage!

  • Save on expensive shipping charges.
  • Storage freight is delivered at the earliest opportunity and guaranteed to be on target
  • No marshaling yard check-in, waiting in line or fee
  • 30 days free storage is included in GES advance drayage rates.

In addition, transportation from the August 2018 Fall show to the warehouse, handling and storage until the February 2019 Winter show is all inclusive at $48.50 per cwt (1000 pound minimum). Rates apply ONLY for shipments from one OFF Price Specialist Show to the next, and when charges are prepaid.

Thank you,
Global Experience Specialists, Inc. (GES)

Please refer to Important Show Informationsection for details about storing for February 2019 OFF Price Specialist Show.