Turbo Expo 2022

Rotterdam Ahoy

Tuesday, June 14 - Thursday, June 16, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Shell Scheme Nameboard Order Form

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Turbo Expo 2022

Return form to:
  • GES Europe Nameboard
Invoice Address

Please fill in this form and return it before the 20thof May to ensure your name appears correctly on your stand.
Name changes received before or on the 20thof May will be free of charge.
Please note that in case a filled out name board form is not received from you, the name listed in the exhibitor list will be used for your name board(s).
You will receive one name board per open side of your stand.

Please type carefully as mistakes will be charged for if they have to be corrected. We restrict to 25 characters including spaces, this does not include the stand number. If you would like to order an additional name board or a logo, please go to Name Board - Extras.

  1. Please fill the space provided with the name and stand number you require to be displayed on the name board of your stand, please make sure you type carefully or write clearly if you have printed off, as changes that have been made due to illegible writing or incorrect typing will be charged for.
  2. Use upper and lowercase when completing this form and include any characters you wish to appear case sensitive, however the organisers do have the right to convert all names to capitals, or break up names typed in using all capital letters in to beginning each word with a capital letter if they feel it is appropriate for the show.
  3. We restrict the Name Boards to 25 characters including spaces.
  4. A €25.00 fee per invoice will be charged for any contact or address changes made after receipt of the invoice.
  5. Deadline for the receipt of the Name Board return form should be no later than the 20th of May 2022.
  6. Cancellations made after the 20th of May 2022 will not be refunded.
  7. Return forms, can be posted or faxed or emailed direct if unable to submit to the above email providing the name of the show is entered into the subject heading on the email, a acknowledgement or receipt can only be sent on reply to an email.
  8. If you have booked a shell scheme after the deadline date please return this form immediately.