CPMA Annual Convention & Trade Show - Vancouver 2024

Vancouver Convention Center - West, Halls A, B, C

Wednesday, April 24 - Thursday, April 25, 2024

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Move-Out Information

The 2024 CPMA Annual Convention & Trade Show exhibit hall will officially close Thursday, April 25 at 4:30pm. In order for the move-out to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we ask you to make note of the following information which will help you schedule your activities accordingly.

Removal of the aisle carpet will start at 4:30pm and should be completed by 5:30pm.
Please keep aisles free of booth materials and produce until all the aisle carpet is removed.

Please confirm your move-out labour at the GES Service Desk by 2pm on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

Volunteer staff will start collecting donated produce from your booth as soon as the aisle carpet is removed. Please be sure to label your products for donation using the pink Food Bank labels available at the GES Exhibitor Services Desk. Please be sure to keep your donated product in your booth space for collection and not in the aisle. To ensure additional disposal costs are not incurred, please ensure the produce you are leaving for donation is worthy of donating.

If you have not made shipping arrangements, please visit the GES Exhibitor Services Desk prior to move-out and a representative from GES Logistics will be available to assist you with your outbound shipment.

Shipping & Material Handling

Empty crate returns will begin as soon as all the aisle carpet has been removed. We ask your assistance by keeping the aisles free of material until the aisle carpet has been cleared. Crate returns may take up to 5 hours to be completed.

All vehicles must check-in with GES no later than 2:00 pm on Friday, April 26, 2024.

To ensure the smooth and secure move-out of your freight, please visit the GES Exhibitor Services Desk to pick-up an Outbound Bill of Lading (BOL) form to complete. Outbound BOL’s MUST be completed for your materials to be loaded onto your carrier or your goods will not be released from the show floor. Completed BOL’s should be returned to the GES Freight Desk located at the loading dock once your materials are packed up and ready to go. Please do not leave your completed bill of lading in your booth. This process helps to ensure the control and security of your freight during the move-out.


Voyage Control Loading Dock Management System

For the move out of CPMA this year, a vehicle marshalling yard will be utilized to stage vehicles before they are sent to the VCC loading docks. This will ONLY be in effect for exhibitors with a move out timeslot on Friday, APRIL 26th .

Thursday Move out Timeslots

You must use Voyage Control to book your unloading slot in advance within your booth’s colour coded move-out window. You can proceed directly to the West loading docks.

The Voyage Control system will be available to accept bookings 2 weeks prior to the show. Booking information and instructions will be sent to your booth coordinator along with your timeslot code on April 10th you can use to book here.

Friday Move out timeslots

ALL drivers will need to check in with the marshalling yard attendants at the lot before they are sent to be loaded at the VCC Loading Docks.

Drivers will be given a dock pass once the exhibitor’s shipment is fully packed and ready to be loaded, with a completed GES Material Handling Agreement submitted to the GES Customer Service Desk.

Drivers without dock passes will be turned away from the VCC loading docks and will be rerouted back to the vehicle marshalling yard.

Please be aware that there could be long wait times for some vehicles, as loading dock space is limited, therefore we ask for your patience.

Friday, April 26         5:00 AM – 4:00 PM

The marshalling yard will be located at the PNE Fairgrounds, just off of the Hwy 1. It is Lot 9B , and you access it from Gate 9 off of Bridgeway St.

Click here for a map with the exact location and entrance. Directions and a map to the VCC West loading docks will be provided to drivers at the lot, as needed.

NOTE - This is for the move out ONLY, on APRIL 26 . The Move In, and the Move Out on Thursday April 25th, will still be managed by the Vancouver Convention Centre Voyage Control program.

All exhibits and material must be removed by Friday, April 26 by 4:00 pm. Please ensure you have made arrangements with your shipper to remove your goods from the floor before this time. All material left on the floor past 4:00pm will be deemed as “stranded freight” and will be removed by the official carrier at the exhibitor’s expense. No liability will be assumed by GES as a result of such re-routing or handling.

  • The facility is a smoke free environment. Smoking is restricted to outside only at the back of the facility.
  • WORKPLACE AND WORKERS SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY - Exhibitors are responsible to ensure that all their on-site staff and suppliers/contractors are informed of and comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act while on the show floor including:
  • All persons on the show floor will be required to wear approved safety footwear (steel toe shoes) during the move-in and move-out;
  • Approved hard hats must be worn in booths where overhead work or construction work is being done;
  • Other safety protective equipment (such as gloves and safety glasses, safety vests) must be worn wherever exposure to injury is possible such as when carpentry work is being done or on loading dock;
  • The maximum allowable height for a ladder on the show floor is 10 feet;
  • When working at heights of 10 feet or more, ladders must be tied off and appropriate rigging equipment worn. Ladders cannot be used as working platforms.
  • Children under 16 years are NOT permitted on the show floor during tear down/move out.
  • To ensure your safety, exhibitors will not be allowed in the crate storage area. Please do not stand on furniture to dismantle your exhibit. Be aware, watch for forklifts and moving vehicles.
  • Do not leave valuable items unattended in your booth.
  • Please report all safety hazards immediately.