Quebec City RV Show

Centre de foires de Québec

Thursday, October 27 - Sunday, October 30, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Digital File Preparation

We are committed to partnering with you to provide comprehensive and effective graphic solutions for your event. The graphics print and production industry continuously evolves, and we want your graphics and images to look their absolute best. To ensure the highest quality output from your digital files, and to make file transfers as seamless as possible, please review and follow these guidelines when submitting artwork to GES. We also offer layout and design services for a fee. Please contact GES for details.

Suitable Programs for images or logos

Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC
Adobe InDesign CS6, CC
Adobe Acrobat

Preferred Format
.ai, .eps
.tif (LZW), .jpg (High Quality), .psd
.indd (include all links)
.pdf (Press Quality Setting)

Preferred transfer methods

Email Attachments
Limited to maximum size of 5MB
Mandatory ZIP or SIT compression

Avoiding Additional Costs

Files obtained from the internet (JPG, GIF, PNG) or artwork created in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are often not suitable for high quality output, and require additional hourly charges. Artwork should be created at actual size, however for larger files, such as banner artwork, files can be scaled down to accommodate the limits of the software. Scans should be no smaller than 300dpi at quarter size. To avoid additional costs associated with these file types, please supply files as defined herein.

PDF - These are print files only and cannot be altered to fit different sizes, artwork must be set up at the correct proportion and at print-ready quality Ensure images are saved at high resolution (100dpi at final size).


Turn all fonts to outlines or convert to paths before sending the files. If you are using a program where this is not an option, YOU MUST INCLUDE ALL FONTS with your files. OTF (open type fonts). are preferred.

Color Prints

The supported color mode is CMYK. It is important to include in your transfer a file indicating detailed colors and their Pantone reference. Otherwise, the received file will be printed as is and we will not be held responsible for the final result.

Digital File Submission

You can upload your file(s) after sending in your order using the information below.

Please make sure your file(s) are labeled with the exhibiting company's name and the show name (e.g. EGGWHITES_COOKING

Please place your order for graphics or signs before transferring your file(s).

Click here to transfer your file(s) now. Recipient Email Address must be