Truck World 2022

The International Centre, Hall 1-5

Thursday, April 21 - Saturday, April 23, 2022

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Move Out Schedule

Exhibitors are requested to move out at a specific date and time. Click HERE for your allocated move-out time for your exhibit on a colour coded floor plan. Halls 1, 4 & 5: Exhibit move-out completed by 11:59pm Saturday, April 23rd. Hall 2: Exhibit move-out completed by 12noon Sunday, April 24th including trailers. The following are some reminders:

  • Exhibit floor closes at 5:00pm on Saturday, April 23rd. No booth breakdown or move-out is permitted until 5:00pm. Please keep aisles freight free until 5:45pm when GES completes rolling the aisle carpet. Once the aisle carpet has been removed, GES will begin empty storage and crate return.

  • Exhibitors with trucks and/or trailers have a targeted move-out date and time – with no move-out access before 8pm. All other exhibitors have a general move-out date and time frame after carpet removed.

  • LIFO booths (last in/first out) located in front of the loading docks: To allow freight access to the building during move-in/out, the following booths will be the first to move out. Your exhibit space must be cleared on move-out by 6:00pm on Saturday, April 23rd for the following exhibitors:

  • Hall 1: 1322, 1326, 1328, 1330, 1334
    Hall 2: 2269, 2275, 2277, 2283, 2285, 2287, 2291, 2293
    Hall 5: 5628, 5638, 5640, 5642, 5644, 5648, 5650, 5652, 5654

  • Arrange any services related to your exhibit to coordinate with your assigned move-out schedule. All carriers and equipment handlers should also abide by your scheduled date and time of move-out.

  • Additional move-out guidelines will be provided on show site to all exhibitors.