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Electrical Rental

ORDER EARLY AND SAVE! By placing your order BEFORE the advance rate deadline date you can SAVE up to one-third on your electrical order.

In order to receive the discounted rates, please ensure all of the following have been sent to GES by the discount deadline date:
  1. Booth Layout
  2. Electrical Order
  3. Electrical Labor Order (if power distribution required)

Order outlets and electrical labor below after reviewing important electrical information.


Electrical Code

Because the safety of exhibitors and attendees is of paramount importance to us, electrical requirements for an exhibit at all convention facilities are based on national electrical codes and local ordinances.

In the interest of public safety, exhibits at all convention facilities may be inspected to determine if any violations exist. If any problems exist, qualified electricians are available to correct the problems. This corrective work will be performed on a time and materials basis. If the exhibitor does not wish to have the fault corrected, electrical service to that booth will not be connected. If an exhibitor is not informed, or does not understand basic safety standards for electrical wiring, a professional electrician should be consulted before shipment is made to convention facilities.

By taking the following important steps and understanding the basic requirements, we can all work together to uphold the highest standards of safety.

  • All wiring must have a 3-wire grounded cord with a minimum of #14 gauge.
  • Spot or flood lighting is a hazard when lamps are too close to fabrics or other material that can be affected by heat.
  • The use of clip-on sign sockets, latex, or lamp cord wire in displays, or the use of 2-wire clamp on fixtures is PROHIBITED by order of fire prevention bureaus at trade shows and conventions.
  • Zip cords or 2-wire cords are ungrounded and could result in safety hazards. Their use is forbidden in all convention facilities. Don’t leave home with them.

Use Timesaving Wiring Methods and a Distribution System

Whenever possible, and in conformance with the electrical code, use multi-conductor interconnecting cables with approved quick-connect plugs or fittings.

The following is a list of the plugs that match our equipment receptacles:

  • 15 amp 120 volt: Standard U-ground plug
  • 20 amp 208 volt 1Ø or 3Ø: Leviton 3521 plug or equivalent
  • 60 amp 208 volt 1Ø or 3Ø: Daniel Woodhead Plug Y560P plug or equivalent
  • 100 amp 208 volt 1Ø or 3Ø: Litton-Veam Plug CIR01GRH plug or equivalent

Exhibitors who require many standard outlets may choose to incorporate a power distribution system into their booth. Please contact our staff for more information. Labor is also required to inspect equipment pre-wired to plug into our system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my outlet be located?

There are four different types of trade show booths.

  • Line Booths
  • Peninsula Booths
  • Back-to-Back Peninsula Booths
  • Island Booths

Each type of booth has its own standard method of installation. In the following diagrams, the symbol [X] represents the approximate location of power outlets:

Electrical Drop Locations
Electrical Drop Locations
Electrical Drop Locations

For Line Booths, Peninsula Booths, or Back-to-Back Peninsula Booths your pre-ordered electrical outlet will be installed to the rear of your booth at the perimeter.

For Island Booths, you will need to designate one location for each outlet you order. Multiple outlet locations will be charged on a labor and material basis. For facilities with power originating in the floor, your electrical outlet will be placed at one location at our discretion. All other distribution will be done on a time and materials basis. If you fail to provide us with a floor plan, we will bring your power to one location at our discretion.

How much power do I need?

Calculate your lighting needs by adding wattage in each location. For other equipment, read the ratings from the metal plates attached to each unit.

Electrical Plates
Electrical Plates
  • Dedicated and 24-hour power will be at double the listed price. Please indicate "24 HR. QTY" in the line item calculation.
  • GES is not responsible for voltage fluctuation or power failure due to temporary conditions. Exhibitor is responsible for providing surge protectors for their Goods.
  • GES is not responsible for loss or damage resulting from power surges. Furthermore, GES' liability for any and all loss or damage is limited to the value of the cost of electrical services provided or depreciated value of Goods, whichever is less.
  • All electrical installations and connections must be made by a GES electrician. GES will not be responsible for any damage or loss to any equipment, component, computer hardware or software, and/ or any damage or bodily injury to any person caused by the installation, connection, or plugging in of any electrical outlet by persons other than a GES electrician.
  • Electricity will be turned on 30 minutes prior to show open and will be turned off within approximately 30 minutes after show close daily.
  • All electrical outlets will be installed on the floor at the back wall of In-line and Peninsula booths. All electrical outlets for Island booths will be dropped to one main location per the Exhibitor’s floor plan. If no plan is provided, the outlets will be installed at our discretion. Any change in location and/or additional power drops are chargeable on a time and material basis. Distribution and connection of outlets are chargeable on a time and material basis

GES JURISDICTION (Requires labor and/or material)

  • All under-carpet distribution of electrical wiring.
  • All facility overhead distribution of electrical wiring, including coaxial cable, fiber optics, twisted pair, etc., and the distribution of same from product to booth and from booth to booth.
  • All motor and equipment hook-ups requiring hard wiring connections.
  • Installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures.
  • Installation of electrical motors and electrical apparatus to be energized.
  • All outlets over 20 amps and/or with a voltage over 150 volts will require electrical booth work labor.
  • Labor is required to inspect and hook-up equipment pre-wired to plug into our system.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to use power unless ordered. Exhibitors found using outlets without an order will be subject to the regular rate for outlets used. Sharing power or plugging into facility outlets is strictly prohibited.


  • Labor rates are subject to the labor contract effective at time of show.
  • The minimum charge per booth is one (1) hour for installation and half (1/2) hour for dismantle. Time will commence per Exhibitor’s request. Failure to start labor at requested time will result in a one (1) hour charge per electrician requested.
  • Unless 24-hour advance notice is provided in writing, Exhibitor will be charged at a time, material and motorized equipment basis.