WERC Annual Conference - Solutions Center

Greater Columbus Convention Center

Monday, April 29 - Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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Special Handling Information

What is "Special" Handling?

Special Handling applies to shipments that are loaded in such a manner as to require additional labor and handling to unload or load out. An additional fee beyond the standard crated rate will apply.

Special Handling Includes:

Ground Loading
  • Vehicles that are not dock height, preventing the use of loading docks.
  • When docks are not readily available.
  • When convention facility has no dock space.

Side Door Loading
  • Shipments tendered for delivery in such a manner as to prevent access from the rear of the trailer.

Constricted Space Loading
  • Freight loaded "high and tight" or down one side as to make shipments not readily available.

Designated Piece Loading
  • When a trailer must be loaded in a particular sequence to ensure fit.

Stacked, Cubed-out, or Loose Shipments
  • Shipments loaded in such a manner requiring items to be removed to ground level for delivery to booth.
  • Items that would need to be unstacked/stacked, unstrapped/strapped, or loadbars to be removed/installed during the unload or load out process.

Multiple Shipments
  • Shipments that are loaded mixed on the truck, failing to maintain shipment integrity and/or have multiple delivery areas.

Mixed Shipments
  • Pieces for separate shipments that are loaded mixed throughout the delivery vehicle, or shipments of crated and uncrated goods where the percentage of uncrated is minimal and does not warrant full uncrated rate for shipment.

Improper Delivery Receipts
  • Shipments that arrive without individual Bill of Lading. Possible examples might include: UPS, FedEx, company trucks, privately-owned vehicles.

Uncrated Shipments
  • Material that is shipped loose or pad-wrapped, and/or unskidded machinery without proper lifting bars or hooks.

Special Handling Examples:

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Side Door Loading
Constricted Space Loading

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Stacked Shipments
Uncrated Shipment

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Multiple Shipments