HIUG Interact

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort

Sunday, June 16 - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) Instructions

To support your event planning for Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, GES would like to point out the following information related to POVs.

  • All POVs and individuals wishing to gain access to the docks must check in with the GES dock foreman. The registered booth name, number and identification will be required.

  • Drayage services provided for POVs are subject to the material handling rates as outlined on Material Handling/Drayage Services.

  • Loads will be weighed on a scale at the exhibit hall dock. Items are weighed to ensure accurate material handling billing.

  • At close of show exhibitors obtain an Outbound Material Handling Form from the GES Servicenter. Exhibitors who will be removing their items via a POV must have this form signed and dated by a GES Service Representative.

  • This authorized Outbound Material Handling Form is required to gain access to the docks for outbound material handling services. This paperwork must be in the hands of the POV driver (please do not leave in the exhibit hall).

  • It is difficult to project the number of exhibitors who will utilize POV material handling services. POVs are served on a first come, first serve basis and need to follow the times outlined on the Show Information Sheet for a smooth process. Exhibitors planning to remove items immediately at show close should anticipate a two-hour window for these services at Rosen Shingle Creek Resort.

  • Exhibitors may park in the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort parking lots and hand carry items into the exhibit hall (without the use of wheeled carts or dollies). This restriction is for safety purposes and to reduce damage to entrance ways and common areas of the facility.

  • Please do not park POVs in any of the public areas near the building as Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Security may ticket or tow.

GES makes it a priority to service POVs in an efficient manner through the material handling process. For additional questions please Contact Us.

For those POVs who wish to Self Unload utilizing the Exhibit Hall docks, please be advised of the following instructions.

  • The following Vehicles are the only vehicles that qualify for this:

    Responsive image

  • Trailers of any size are not eligible to be unloaded and are considered part of the GES's material handling jurisdiction. Some shipments may be eligible for the GES Cartload service with costs billed at published rates.

  • Two persons must be present in the vehicle so that the driver remains in the vehicle at all times. There is very limited space for this service, so a maximum time limit of 10 minutes per vehicle is allowed for the freight and vehicle to be removed from the dock. This will allow efficiencies in other POV's wishing to utilize this self unload service.

  • Vehicles left unattended will be subject to towing.