CS ManTech Conference

Hyatt Regency Austin

Monday, May 7 - Wednesday, May 9

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Limited Storage Capacity at Show Site/Bellman Policy

The Hyatt Regency Austin has limited storage space. Please see note below when sending freight directly to the facility to avoid additional handling fees by the facility.

  • Freight deliveries sent directly to the facility will be received by GES on exhibitor move-in days only.
  • Freight deliveries sent directly to the facility are subject to GES freight handling charges regardless of the consignee - as GES is the official show contractor.
  • If your freight arrives at the facility prior to the published move-in dates, the facility will take possession of the item(s) and charges will be incurred from the facility IN ADDITION TO GES MATERIAL HANDLING CHARGES.
  • Advance shipments should be sent and labeled as follows:
    CS ManTech Conference
    9018 Tuscany Way
    Austin, TX  78754
    United States of America
    Shipping Lables can be found under Information in top menu

Bellman Policy

Exhibitor freight must be either hand carried in by the Exhibitor or by a GES Representative.

  • Exhibitors may have bellmen deliver their boxes to the Exhibition Hall doors where a teamster will deliver them to their booth space. Please be advised that GES Material Handling rates will apply at this point.
  • Exhibitors may hand carry display materials, if necessary, if the materials can be brought into the Exhibition Hall in one trip.
  • Please be sure when shipping materials into the show to indicate "c/o" on the shipping label. Otherwise the facility will take possession of the item and exhibitors will incur charges from the facility in addition to GES Material Handling charges.