Natural Products Expo West 2020 - ACC Halls A-E, Arena, Level 3

Anaheim Convention Center

Thursday, March 5 - Saturday, March 7, 2020

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Show and Building Rules and Regulations

Americans with Disabilities:

All exhibiting companies are required to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and are encouraged to be sensitive, and as reasonably accommodating as possible, to attendees with disabilities. Information regarding ADA compliance is available from the U.S. Department of Justice ADA Information Line, (800) 514-0301, and from the ADA Web site at


Animals are not allowed at the Show except for service animals (dogs). Proof of certification is required upon request.


Announcements are only made for lost children. Lost and found is available at the Show Office. We encourage attendees, if separated from their group, to designate the Show Office as the location to meet.

Badge Access/Age Restrictions:

All exhibitors must have their badges before they will be allowed onto the Show floor. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed on the Show floor during set up and break down hours.


Lighter-than-air balloons are prohibited within the Facility unless tethered to a fixed object. Metallic balloons are prohibited at all times. Exhibitor shall pay for the cost of removing balloons released into ceiling areas. Use of pressurized tanks must comply with public safety regulations. (See also Fire Regulations -Compressed Gases).

Booth Activity/ Events, Meetings & Seminars:

  • Demonstrations are part of the exhibit program involving the interaction of exhibit personnel and their audience through corporate presentations, product demonstrations or sampling. All live demonstrations should be documented and submitted to Show Management.
  • Live demonstrations consist of presentations/activities such as live music, dancers, special guest appearances, comedian acts, etc. as well as any type of activity, other than daily product sampling, which may attract a large crowd and higher noise levels. If you plan to have this type of activity in your booth, please complete the Exhibitor Hosted Events Form on our website. You will need to go to Exhibitor Login to complete the form so we can monitor for crowd control and noise levels.
  • Booth activity, including sales presentations, product demonstrations, entertainment, celebrity appearances, etc., must be confined within the exhibitor space contracted for so as not to interfere with traffic flow in the aisles or encroach into neighboring exhibits. Sampling or demonstration tables must be placed at a minimum of 3ft (.914m) inside your booth. Exhibitors must contract sufficient space in order to comply with this rule.
  • Should spectators or samplers interfere with the normal traffic flow in the aisle or overflow into neighboring exhibits, Show Management will have no alternative but to request that the presentation or sampling be eliminated. Intent: The aisles are the property of the entire Show, and each exhibitor has the responsibility to ensure proper flow of traffic through the entire Show. Aisles must not be obstructed at any time.
  • Exhibitors must regulate their own booths to be sure the noise level from demonstrations or sound systems is kept to a minimum and does not interfere with other exhibitors and attendees conducting business.
  • Show Management reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued. Sound levels may not be higher than 85 decibels measured from a minimum of ten feet away.
  • All product demonstrations involving any moving and potentially hazardous machines, displays or parts must have hazard barriers to prevent accidental injury to spectators. Demonstrations must always be supervised by exhibitor personnel who can stop the demonstration in an emergency. All demonstrations involving potentially hazardous by-products, such as dust, fumes, sparks or flames, must be approved in writing by Show Management prior to the Show. Demonstrations must be set back at least 3ft (.914m) from the aisles.
  • Events, seminars and meetings must be registered and approved by using the Exhibitor Hosted Events Form, which can be found by going to the Exhibitor Login page. Meetings, events and seminars not designated or organized as a part of the Show are not permitted during Show floor hours. Exhibitors have the option to publish their meeting or events online in the Hosted Events listing or indicate on the form that it is a private event. If it is indicated as a private event, it will not be listed online.

Company promotion, sampling and literature distribution by exhibitors must be done within their contracted exhibit space, with the exception of designated sponsorships and event marketing opportunities for which exhibitors have contracted with Show Management. Violation of this policy can result in expulsion from future shows.

At the close of the Show, exhibitors can donate their remaining product to the local food bank or authorize attendees to take the product with them. If an exhibitor would like to authorize an attendee to take a large quantity of product samples that exceeds more than one sample bag, the exhibitor and attendee must visit the GES Service Center prior to the close of the Show floor. GES will provide further instructions to the attendee on pick-up location and time.

Carpet/Floor Covering Requirements:

  • The exhibitor is required to provide carpet or floor covering to cover its contracted exhibit space. You may bring your own floor covering or order it through the official show decorator, GES. All booths without floor covering at 5:00 PM on the night before Show open will be carpeted by GES at the exhibitor’s expense. Refer to GES online for floor covering information and order forms.
  • Management provides carpet for uncarpeted areas of the facility to enhance the overall appearance of the Show floor.

Character of Exhibits:

  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to create an attractive display area.
  • Show Management reserves the right to approve the character of the display and to prohibit any display which, because of noise or other objectionable features, detracts from the general character of the Show. Exhibits must be in good taste as determined by Show Management.

Code of Conduct:

No distributing or displaying of bags or lanyards outside of your contracted booth space. No distributing or displaying of product, literature, coupons, stickers, or any other promotional material of any kind outside of your contracted booth or sponsorship space. No promotion of company, brand or products through individuals or activations featuring company branding or mascots outside of your contracted booth or sponsorship space. No other onsite marketing or promotion of company, brand or products outside of the contracted booth or sponsorship space.

Competing Events:

Show Management reserves the right to control all suites and meeting rooms in the official hotels, which are participating in housing for the Show. Exhibitors shall not have hospitality suites and/or meeting rooms during Show hours or during a time that conflicts with official functions of the Show and shall not host any event during the Show or official functions. Marketing and sales activities are limited to the Show floor during Show hours.

Compressed Gases:

Tenant must obtain a permit from Anaheim Fire & Rescue prior to bringing any compressed gas into the Facility. All compressed gasses must be contained in an approved cylinder, which must be properly secured to prevent tipping or falling over. No liquefied petroleum gases are allowed in the Facility for display or exhibit.

Cooking Regulations/Product Sampling:

  • Dishwashing and food prep cleaning: dishwashing, utensil cleaning and food dumping is not permitted in the restrooms. Dishwashing stations are provided to assist with these needs.
  • Each exhibitor that is sampling food or beverages must add the exclusive caterer of the convention center as additionally insured. Fire and health regulations are strictly enforced. The exhibit hall will be regularly inspected by fire marshals and representatives from the health department. Please review the following guidelines for exhibiting. Operation of any cooking appliance, e.g., ovens, stoves, barbecues, hot plates, deep fryers, etc., and all demonstrations using these appliances must be isolated away from the public or be protected on the front and sides with a clear plastic or Plexiglas shield.
  • The shield must be:
    • A minimum of 1/4" thick.
    • 3-sided
    • A minimum of 18" high or at least 6" higher than the cooking appliance
  • Exhibitors that manufacture or distribute food and beverages may sample these products to attendees. Exhibitors are prohibited from sampling products they do not manufacture or distribute. For example, if you make or distribute veggie burgers, you may not add condiments or buns to the sample.
  • Exhibitors that do not manufacture or distribute food and beverage products, but wish to distribute these items to attendees, must go through the exclusive caterer of the convention center.

General Conditions applicable to Food/Non-Alcoholic Beverage Samples:

  • Items dispensed are limited to products manufactured, processed or distributed by exhibiting firm.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages are limited to a maximum of 8oz. servings.
  • Food items are limited to 4oz servings. Full size products will be permitted if the exhibiting firm is the manufacturer, distributor and/or supplier of the specific product only, and it is given out in its original package. For example: If your product is deli turkey meat or beef product, you may give out a full size sample in its original package, but you will not be permitted to give out a full size sandwich or full size hamburger.
  • Any exhibiting firm wishing to give out samples that include additional ingredients not distributed and/or manufactured by it are required to purchase these items through the exclusive caterer of the convention center.
  • Food and/or beverage items such as traffic promoters (e.g., popcorn, coffee, bar service) MUST be purchased through the exclusive caterer of the convention center.
  • The use of expanded polystyrene foam (aka Styrofoam) is prohibited in any form for the use of product sampling, give-a-ways, or signage (foam core).

General Conditions applicable to Alcohol Samples:

  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises from an outside source.
  • All alcoholic beverages being sampled must be ordered through exclusive venue caterer.
    *All alcohol that will be sampled must be purchased by the exclusive caterer of the convention center and then resold to the exhibiting firm that is licensed to sample the alcoholic product (even if the exhibiting firm is the manufacturer or distributer of the product).
  • No person under the age of 21 will be served alcoholic beverages. Samples are to only be served to persons 21 years of age or older. Each booth must provide a visible sign, stating: “Guests must be 21 years of age to participate in sampling of alcoholic beverages. Picture I.D. is required.”
  • All alcoholic beverages must be served by an exclusive caterer of the convention center certified bartender(s).
  • Show Management reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated or underage.
  • No alcoholic beverage may be removed from the premises.
  • All alcohol items are limited to the manufacturer of the product only.
  • Items dispensed are limited to products manufactured, processed or distributed by exhibiting firm and must be directly related to the purpose of the Show.
  • Standard fee for storage, handling, delivery, etc. will be charged if applicable.


Exhibitors will not be permitted to dismantle their exhibits or do any packing prior to Show close. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Electrical Equipment:

Exhibitors are responsible for ordering any electrical services through GES. Please refer to GES Order, Furnishings, Equipment, Labor and Services section of the Exhibitor Service kit.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors:

No EAC will be allowed to work in an exhibitor’s booth without completing a Notice of Intent to Use EAC and Policies and Procedures form, provide a valid Certificate of Insurance and the Agreement, and complete the Rules and Regulations between GES and the EAC form by an authorized representative and received by GES by the deadline indicated above. The Notice of Intent to Use EAC and Policies and Procedures form must be completed for every third party (as well as any other third-party ordering or requesting services from GES on behalf of exhibitor) at the above show. Forms must be completed for each booth separately. Multiple booths are not to be listed on one form. Please refer to the Exhibitor Appointed Contractors Section of the Exhibitor Service kit.

Federal Tax ID (Informa will not give out its tax ID):

Please be advised that under no circumstances will Informa, GES or the convention center provide their Federal Tax Identification numbers for international shipments entering the United States. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to engage the services of a freight forwarding company/customs broker that can help facilitate the proper clearance of its exhibit material. This includes shipments entering the United States over the borders using the exhibitor’s company-owned or privately owned vehicles.

For your convenience, we have secured the services of GES Logistics to assist with clearance of goods through customs. Please contact -

Fire Laws:

Please read and understand the fire regulations located under Regulations and Guidelines in the online ESK. All materials used in exhibit construction, decoration or as a temporary cover must be certified flame retardant. A sample must be available for fire marshal testing. Crates, packing material and wooden boxes may not be stored in or behind exhibit booths.

Health Department Regulations:

Food safety and creating a healthy environment on the show floor is important and the responsibility of every exhibitor when sampling.

Food may not be served from a “common bowl” unless tongs are used to distribute the food. We suggest compostable single-serve cups, toothpicks and single napkins.

When sampling you are required to use gloves, provide a hand-washing kit within your booth and utilize a sneeze guard to protect contamination of food being sampled. The sole use of a waterless hand sanitizer is not in compliance with health department regulations.

All perishable foods such as milk, fish, eggs and poultry products must be temperature controlled. Cold foods must be kept at or below 41° F (refrigerated or on ice). Hot foods must be maintained above 135° F.

All vendors who wish to sample their product must provide protection(sneeze guard) of open food sampling (e.g., unpackaged crackers, chips, dips, drinks, etc.). All unpackaged foods on display must be protected with a sneeze guard shield or plastic covering that is rigid, semi-permanent, and provides adequate protection that follows the Temporary Food Facility Guidelines. All food samples should display a label with its common name and ingredients to avoid allergic reactions at the show.

Tip: Per the Orange County health department’s rules and regulations, you may be asked to cease sampling operation at your booth if you do not meet the above requirements. Sneeze guard protection has been required for the protection of open food sampling. This health code is strictly enforced if violated. Health inspectors will be walking the floor to enforce compliance.

Personal Care Product Applications:

  • Sterilized utensils must be used. A fresh, sterilized cotton ball, spatula, Q-tip or powder puff must be used for each individual application. These utensils may not be reused.
  • When applying lip applications of any kind, eye shadows, face blushes, etc., a portion of the product must be scraped off with a utensil and applied to the individual with the utensil. The used utensil may not be returned to the pallet. A new, sterilized utensil must be used for each application.
  • When using products that are packaged in a container other than a squeeze-type container, such as a jar, a sterilized utensil must be used to remove the product from the container. Once the product has been applied to the individual, you may not return the used utensil to the product (i.e., no double-dipping).


Liability insurance, property insurance and worker's compensation insurance must be taken out by each exhibitor at its own expense and must comply with state laws. Insurance can be obtained by the exhibitor’s insurance company. A rider to existing policies may be taken out providing complete protection for the period of the Show, from move-in to move-out. If you need assistance acquiring insurance, Exhibitor Insurance is our official Show insurance vendor.

Music Licensing:

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to pay all royalties, license fees, or other charges due to any person or entity for any music or other entertainment played within the exhibitor’s contracted space. Exhibitor must obtain music performance rights licenses through ASCAP and/or BMI (and any other necessary performing rights associations) if exhibitor intends to use copyrighted music in its booth.

Moving Displays/Lighting:

Lighting instruments must be focused so as not to interfere with adjacent exhibits.

Onsite Sales/Charitable Donations:

No direct/retail selling is permitted on the Show floor. Attendees may place orders with exhibitors for products/services at the Show, but the product or service ordered/purchased must be delivered to the attendee after the close of the Show. No soliciting of attendees shall be permitted in the aisles or in other exhibitors’ booths. Signs showing the prices of items must not be displayed.

Have leftover product that you don’t want to go to waste at the end of the show? Natural Products Expo has partnered exclusively with a local non-profit that help those residents who are struggling in poverty. Not only are you helping people in the area, but you can also save yourself the shipping expense of sending your leftovers back to the office. Donation labels will be available onsite at the GES service desk and the floor managers’ desk located on the show floor. Donation bins will be clearly marked on the show floor.

In the instance an exhibitor would like to authorize another individual or company (attendee, vendor, another exhibitor, non-exclusive non-profit, etc.) to take a large quantity of product samples that exceed more than one sample bag, the exhibitor and another individual or company must visit the GES Service Center prior to show close on Saturday at 4:00 pm. At this time, the exhibitor must complete either an Outbound Material Handling Form to send the product home with the individual or company. GES will provide further instructions to the individual or company on pick-up location and time. Product may not be sold to an another individual or company.


Booth must be staffed the entire time.

Photography/Videography Restrictions:

Exhibitor may take photos or videos of its displays; however, exhibitor is not permitted to directly take pictures of any other display or instruct others to take such pictures without written permission of Show Management and the exhibitor whose display is being photographed.

Privately Owned Vehicles/Hand Carried Items:

Please refer to the Move-in/Move section of the Exhibitor Service kit for specific guidelines and instructions.

Roaming Characters:

Roaming characters are not allowed at the Show. Any character in costume must stay within your contracted exhibit space. If roaming characters are found on the Show floor, they will be sent back to the exhibit space. If the roaming character is spotted again, the individual’s badge will be confiscated and the individual will be asked to leave the Show floor.


  • For cost-effective sampling, only distribute samples to customers and prospects who have entered your booth to discuss your product.
  • Sampling further inside of the booth encourages attendees to stop in and speak with you.
  • Sampling at the edge of your booth encourages attendees to taste and keep walking.
  • An appropriate sample size is typically a bite or drink. After attendees express interest, offer a larger sample.

Sampling How many samples do I need?

  • Determine the number of product demos one person can make in an hour
  • Multiply that by the number of hours of the Show (e.g., 12 hours)
  • Multiply the results by the number of sales staffs in the booth
  • Review the final numbers with your staff


Show Management, the building operator, the official exhibit services contractor (GES), and the security company (DTA Security Company) provide a measure of protection, such as providing perimeter security, but only you and your staff are responsible for your valuables. Some exhibitors hire designated booth guards to assist in this process.

We have found that theft at trade shows is most likely to take place during the set-up and dismantling (move-in and move-out) of exhibits. You are responsible for the safety of your booth and all exhibit and personal items. If you would like to hire additional security, simply fill out the Booth Monitor Form in the ESK.

In order to ensure the best possible protection, we would like your cooperation working within the following guidelines to help safeguard your exhibit and your products.

  • Don’t identify the product or manufacturer on the outside of cartons, crates, boxes, etc. Mark these numerically to indicate the total being shipped (1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.).
  • Stay with your exhibit until your empty cartons are delivered and your goods are packed, sealed and properly labeled.
  • Products or equipment given away should be accompanied by donation stickers available on the last day of the Show.
  • Use “empty” containers for display purposes.
  • After Show hours, cover your display and products.
  • If you observe an attendee taking more samples than normal, please contact your floor manager.
  • Move all samples and displays to the rear of your booth. Post signs encouraging attendees to take only one sample.
  • Do not leave any items of value in your booth overnight. If you order in advance, GES has security cages available for equipment and larger items. You will need to supply your own lock and key for security cages rented from GES.
  • Be sure you make all arrangements for your outbound shipping prior to leaving the Show floor.
  • Be sure to turn in your Bill of Lading to the GES service desk after your freight is packed and ready to be picked up. Do not leave it in your booth with your freight.
  • Remove all old labels from inbound shipping and apply new labels for outbound shipping.
  • At the close of the Show, you may begin to pack up products within your exhibit space. Keep all aisles clear of crates, boxes and cartons until the carpeting has been rolled up in front of your booth.

Subletting booth space:

Exhibitors shall not assign, sublet, subcontract or apportion the whole or any part of the space allotted, and may not share exhibit space or allow representatives, equipment, or materials from any subsidiary, division, or any other company or entity in exhibitor's space without including the name(s) of such subsidiary, division or other company or entity on the exhibit space contract and obtaining the prior written consent of Show Management. Should exhibitor decide to cancel, the exhibit space reverts back to Show Management.


Only exhibitors that have contracted with Show Management are permitted to promote their products, services or company at the Show. Unless a marketing opportunity has been contracted by the exhibitor, all company promotion and product sampling must occur within the contracted booth space. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Approaching exhibitor booths to sell products
  • Leaving and/or distributing product information in public spaces and Show floor aisles
Exhibitors violating this policy will be sent back to their booth space and materials left will be recycled. Attendees violating this policy will be asked to leave the Show and forfeit their badges. Any "suitcasers" should be reported to the Show Office. Repeated violations will be reported to Security and may result in loss of priority points.

We make every effort to ensure exhibitors will not be solicited in their booths. However, this does occur at trade shows. Should you be approached in your booth, kindly take down the name and company of the solicitor and provide the information to the Show Office or your floor manager.

Termination Rights:

Show Management reserves the right to terminate at any time the privileges of any exhibitor if Show Management determines, in its sole discretion, that an exhibitor is conducting its exhibit in such a fashion that might reflect unfavorably upon Show Management or the Show. In the event of termination by Show Management, the exhibitor shall promptly remove all equipment and personnel from the exhibit area. No portion of payments paid or owed to Show Management on account of said exhibit shall be refundable.

Union Jurisdictions:

Please make sure you read and understand the Show Site Work Rules in the Regulations and Guidelines section of the online ESK.

Vehicles on Show Floor:

Vehicles will only be considered for booths located in the Anaheim Convention Center and North Hall locations only and must be approved by show management.

  • All vehicles placement must be coordinated with GES for access to the show floor.
  • The City Fire Marshal requires that battery cables must be disconnected, place a protective covering under the vehicle, gas tank must either be taped shut or have a lockable gas cap and may contain no more than a quarter (1/4) tank of fuel. Exhibitor is responsible for checking local Fire Marshal rules and regulations for additional requirements.
  • Your presence is required! Vehicle Placement must be Exhibitor supervised. GES assumes no liability for loss, damage or bodily injury arising out of the placement of Exhibitor's vehicle. Exhibitor assumes the responsibility and any liability arising therefrom, for the work performed by union labor under Exhibitor's supervision.

Please refer to the Material Handling/Vehicle Placement section of the Exhibitor Service kit under Move-in / move out section for more details and order form.


Violations of any of these regulations on the part of the exhibitor or its employees or agents shall, at the option of Show Management, constitute cause for the termination of the exhibitor contract for exhibit space and could cause the exhibitor to be expelled from the Show. In the event this action is taken, the exhibitor will forfeit all fees paid and incur all related costs.

Violations Show Policy Enforcement Procedure:

  1. An exhibitor or attendee in violation of this policy will receive a verbal warning by the Floor Management Team
  2. If the exhibitor continues to violate this policy, a written warning will be delivered by the Floor Management Team
  3. If an attendee continues to violate this policy, their badge will be removed for the remainder of the show
  4. If the exhibitor continues to violate this policy despite the two official warnings, the booth will be closed for the remainder of the day
    Electrical power will be removed if applicable
    Drape will be placed at the front of the booth along with a sign stating “Closed due to Policy violation”
  5. If a violation continues the following day, the booth will be permanently closed and/or removed from the show floor for the remainder of the show (Booth fees are non-refundable)

    Please be advised that exhibitors receiving three violations will jeopardize their booth location at future Natural Products Expos. Complaints of regulation violations may be made directly to the Floor Management Team or reported to the Show Office.

Waste Management:

Trash removal service is provided during Show hours and immediately after daily Show closing in the following areas: exhibit hall aisles (excluding exhibit booths), corridors, public space and areas used for meetings. Janitorial services are provided in restrooms throughout Show hours.

Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own booths (including but not limited to trash removal and vacuuming) or ordering service through GES. Show Management and GES are committed to reducing our environmental impact on the earth.

By incorporating environmentally-friendly practices into your trade show presence you will encourage your customers and peers to follow. Green business is good business!