Antique Arms

Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino

Friday, January 20 - Saturday, January 21, 2023

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Electrical Services Frequently Asked Questions



Quick Ordering Tips
  • ORDER EARLY AND SAVE! By placing your order BEFORE the advance rate deadline date you can SAVE up to one-third on your electrical order.
  • Order your outlet(s) for each area in your booth requiring power, 5 amp minimum required. Be sure to submit your electrical floor plan that designates a main drop location (MDL). There must be an MDL provided for all Island booths.
  • If you would like to order 220V, 380V or 480V outlets, please call for quote.
  • Electrical Labor is required for all under carpet distribution of electrical wiring, all facility overhead distribution of electrical wiring connections, installation and/or repair of electrical fixtures and installation of electrical motors and electrical apparatus.
  • All materials under carpet must be supplied by GES Electrical for safety reasons.
  • All outlets over 20 amps and/or with a voltage of 120 volts or higher will require electrical labor.
  • Labor is required to inspect pre-wired equipment to plug into our system.
Electrical Reminders
  • Completed Credit Card Submission: Required regardless of other form of payment. To secure discount rates, must be received by Electrical Discount Deadline Date.
  • Completed Electrical Order: Must include complete Credit Card Submission, Labor Price List and floor plan to secure discount rates, if applicable. See FAQ for more information or call GES Electrical for assistance.
  • Completed Labor Order (Floor Work, Booth Work, Equipment Rental and Electrical Hanging Sign): Floor Work labor must include complete floor plan. Regular or showsite rates on outlets and labor will be applied based on the date the complete order is received.
  • Complete electrical and overhead: A legible, scaled floor plan must include main drop, power usage at each location with a minimum of 5 amps, and orientation. 1000 watts overhead and bay lights require floor plan for focus points.
  • Hanging Signs: Payment and order along with sign in our advance warehouse must be in by the discount deadline date to receive the discount rate. All signs that exceed 250lbs, rotate or require electricity should be discussed with the electrical service contractor.
  • Helpful Tip: Please have the following available at showsite: a successful fax transmittal and/or copy of email sent showing attachments.
  • Still have questions?: Please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We're here to help!
How do I know how much power I need?
First, gather a list of all electrical equipment to be powered on in your booth. Consider some of the following elements: lighting, computer equipment, plasmas, company products, AV equipment, and lead retrieval machine. Next, you will want to notate where in your booth space the items will be placed and retrieve the power required for each item. The power voltage/wattage/amperage can be found on the equipment tag located in the back of the item. Typically most items require 110/120 volt power. Machinery leans more towards the 208 or 480 volt power ordered either in single phase or 3 phase. Now you can start calculating how power will be required in each area in your booth space. Start by combining the wattage for the 110/120 volt devices in each area and select an outlet that meets or exceeds this total. It is safer to slightly overestimate your power requirements to help minimize tripping or outages. You must order separate outlets for each electrical apparatus with a minimum of 5 amp at each location.

Is this price listed for power per day?
No, the prices listed on Electrical Rental Equipment are for the duration of the show.

Where does the power come from?
At the Westgate, the power source comes from overhead. The 380volt/480volt power must be run overhead for safety reasons. Additional costs apply. Due to building specifics, power requested in the Lobby areas and Meeting Rooms, may apply additional labor, truss, and materials to get the power to the location requsted. No outside external additional power sources are allowed. All show power must be provided by the official Electrical Service Contractor unless special approval is provided.

Where will my power be located?
For inline and peninsula booths, you will find your power located on the back side of your booth space. Island/Pavilion booth exhibits will need to submit a diagram indicating where your main power source needs to start from. If GES does not receive this information, the power will be installed in the center of your booth. Any movements of the main power source after installation will be chargeable on time and materials basis. The first ninety feet of cabling to deliver power to your booth is free. If additional cabling is necessary to power your booth, it will be charged on material and motorized equipment basis. If additional cabling is necessary to power your booth, it will be charged on time, material, and motorized equipment basis. In the following diagrams, the symbol represents the approximate location of power outlets. Main drop locations must be indicated on the floor plan as MDL. For Island or Pavilion booths, you need to designate one location for each outlet you order. Multiple outlet locations will be charged on a time, equipment and material basis.

One drop will be provided within the booth when power source is in the ceiling or one location on perimeter when power is in the floor.

What is a Main Drop Location (MDL)/Additional Drop?
MDL is the main power source located in your booth. Power is then distributed from this point. If you do not want cords run on the floor throughout your booth, you may choose to request additional drops within your booth space billed on time, equipment, and material basis. The location of the main drop should be placed in area that can either be hid or kept out of sight (i.e. closet or storage area).

How many places do I have to plug into?

Inline booths have two connection points to plug into.
Power strips can provide additional sockets but keep in mind of the power ordered for your booth space.
Power strips trip at 1500 watts/15 amps. Use the power strip at a 2000watt outlet, the location will drop to the use of 1500 watts/15amps.

Any voltage higher than 120 volts, provide one connection point only and require labor. Power strips cannot accommodate the higher voltage.

Do I need 24 hour power?
If you have equipment that requires power service to be on throughout the entire show (i.e. refrigerators, programmable equipment), we would recommend ordering 24 hr services. Power is turned off 1/2 hour before the show opens and turned off 1/2 hour after the show closes.

When will my power be turned on during move-in?
Every attempt is made to have power installed by the end of day on exhibitor’s assigned target date. Freight hold areas (typically by freight doors) are done as space becomes available. Any special requests should be communicated to the GES Electrical Department pre-show. Once on-site, please visit the GES Electrical Service Desk.

Do I need lighting?
Full facility lights will be turned on during show hours; however, some exhibitors choose to enhance the look of their booth or product by directing light to these areas. GES Electrical has different lighting options available. Contact GES Electrical department pre-show for suggestions and recommendations.

Can I hang my own lights?
Exhibitors (not EAC's) may hang up to 4 arm lights per total booth space as long as the power does not exceed 2000 watts/20 amps.

Do I need to order power for the lighting I use in my booth?
Power needs to be ordered for any lights brought in by an exhibitor or EAC. Power is included for lights ordered on the Lighting section of Electrical Rental Equipment.

How do I know if I need to order labor?
Referencing the Show Site Work Rules, for safety and liability reasons, GES Electrical is required to provide distribution of all electrical wiring from the main power source (MDL) and to other power locations in your booth typically run under carpet; this is considered Floor Work labor. A good rule of thumb for estimating your floor work labor is three extension cords per hour. You may also reference previous GES electrical invoices. Any connection of an electrical apparatus in your booth space exceeding total combined wattage of a 2000 watt/20 amp service must also be performed by electricians. This includes, but not limited to, hook-up of electrical equipment, distribution above carpet, installation of lights, monitors, hanging signs, and electrical booth structures; this is considered Booth Work labor. Both types of labor can be ordered on Electrical Rental Equipment. Accurate estimates can help avoid additional show site labor for unscheduled returns/Go Backs. Additional electricians are billed at showsite rates. Exhibitors are responsible for managing the labor. Please notify the service desk immediately if you are not satisfied with the labor for any reason. Dismantle labor is calculated at 50% of the installation time and is based on the date and time the show closes and move-out time frames (overtime rates may apply); this is an automatic charge and does not need to be scheduled. If the nature of booth requires specific dismantle requests, please advise GES Electrical service desk. Equipment used for dismantle is billed at 1 hour minimum. Labor orders submitted for Floor Work – Exhibitor Supervised and Booth work must provide date and time. GES does not accept will calls. This is not considered a complete order. Regular or show site rates may apply. Floor Work – GES Supervised does not require a date and time as this labor will be performed and completed prior to your arrival, dependant on receiving power, floor plan and payment.

Do I need to order labor to hang my lights?
Referencing Electrical Rental Equipment for GES lights: For inline and peninsula booths that require placement in the back of the booth, labor is included in the price of the lights. For peninsula and island booths that require placement away from the main power source and throughout the booth space, exhibitors are required to order labor. Keep in mind, depending on location and height, equipment may be required and billed accordingly. Typically, lights hung over 12ft require a scissor lift. Equipment rental is recommended for expediting larger quantities of light. If the lights are exhibitor owned, outside of the 4 arm light rule, a labor order is required. If the lights are EAC owned, a labor order is required.

What if I want to use my own cords and plug strips?
Exhibitors may use their own extension cords and power strips under the regulations provided on the Electrical Safety and Regulations (to be used over carpet only and not exposed to attendee foot traffic). Be sure to advise the electricians working in your booth that you have brought your own materials. All materials under the carpet must be supplied by GES Electrical for safety reasons.

What is an electrical floor plan and why do I need one?
A floor plan provides the electricians with the necessary information to perform the work requested in your booth space. A floor plan must have the following components: must be scaled, have orientation (call out the surrounding booths in accordance to front/back/sides in your booth), Main Drop Location (MDL), and power distribution points (provide specific measurements of these locations). GES must also receive an electrical floor plan for placements of the 1000 watt overhead lights.

How can I ensure that I receive the discount rates on my electrical order?
Be sure to submit the following by the electrical discount deadline date: All of the items listed above must be received on or before the discount deadline date in order to receive the discount rates. If one item is incomplete or missing, the order is considered incomplete and the outlet rates will be placed at regular rates and the labor rates will be based on when a complete order is received. Common examples of incomplete orders are (but not limited to) unreadable floor plans, will call (missing date/time), bulk power, no main drop location, and power/floor plan revisions. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us.

How do I know if my Hanging Sign is Electrical?
Your sign is electrical if it requires electricity, requires a hoist or rotator, or exceeds 250lbs. Signs require a high lift and must be ordered on the Hanging Sign Order Form. Hanging Sign must be received at the advanced warehouse and the order and payment to GES office by the discount deadline date.

What else should I know?
All floor plans are reviewed prior to show site in order to circuit a hall print for installation of power. A fee of $55.50 will be billed for this time. If labor is scheduled and the electrician shows up and there is no one there to direct them, there will be a 1 hour not ready charge billed per worker requested. You will need to go to the service desk when you are ready to place a new order. Show site labor rates may apply.

Laborers are required when ordering booth work labor for installation of monitors over 37" and when cords need to be fished under carpet for floor work labor.

Additional charge of $237.50 will be applied for every 1000 watt overhead light ordered when your booth is located in certain areas due to the nature of the building and equipment required to install these lights.

Materials are charged on an as needed basis and are added to your invoice. Be sure to budget for these incidentals like extension cords, plug strips and tape. GES Electrical can assist you in estimating, though it is difficult to predict the length and amount needed until work is actually performed.