Food Ingredients 2017

Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Tuesday, 28 November - Thursday, 30 November

The deadline to order for this show has already expired

Shell Scheme Nameboard Order Form

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Food Ingredients 2017

Return form to:
  • GES Europe Nameboard
  • Global Experience Specialists (GES) Ltd
  • Keienbergweg 95
  • 1101GE Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
Invoice Address

Please fill in this form and return it before 18th November 2017 to ensure your name appears correctly on your stand.
You will receive one name board per open side of your stand.

Please write clearly if handwritten, as mistakes resulting from illegible handwriting will be charged for.
Maximum of 25 characters including spaces.
Please note: if your stand has more than one open side the same name will appear on each open side.
If you require names to be different an extra charge will be applicable.
If you would like to order an additional name board or a logo, please go to Name Board - Extras.

  1. Use upper and lowercase when completing this form and include any characters you wish to appear. The organisers reserve the right to convert all names to capitals, should the name not adhere to the standards of the show.
  2. If a return form is not received, we will take the company name provided by the organisers. If you wish to change the name after the passing of the deadline, you will be charged for an additional name board..
  3. Cancellations can only be made prior to 18th November 2017. All cancellations made after this date will not be refunded.
  4. A €25 fee per invoice will be charged for any contact or address changes made after the receipt of the invoice.
  5. 7. If you do not provide us with a valid VAT number, you will be charged with the VAT amount for the orders placed.
  6. A surcharge of 2.5% will be applied when paying by credit cards.