FCM 2023 Annual Conference and Trade Show

Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South Building, Hall E

Thursday, May 25 - Saturday, May 27, 2023

The deadline to order for this Show has already expired

Material Handling

Let GES do the heavy lifting
Exhibitors are permitted to receive and unload their own shipment(s) providing a representative of their company is present to receive the shipment(s) at the time of delivery, and that they are able to unload the shipments(s) without the use of a forklift. If unable to meet these requirements, GES has been appointed by Show Management to perform Material Handling Services at the expense of the exhibitor.

Material Handling services include:
  • Receipt, documentation and inspection of your shipment(s) upon arrival
  • Unloading of shipment(s) at the show site dock & delivery to your booth
  • Removal of containers labeled "empty" from booth to the storage area
  • Storage of empty containers during the event
  • Return of empty containers to booth after show close
  • Movement of outbound shipment(s) from your booth to the loading dock
  • Reload of shipment(s) from dock onto your carrier

  • Exhibitors shipping to the GES Advance Warehouse also receive these additional service benefits:
    • Storage for up to 30 days in the Advance Warehouse
    • Delivery of shipment(s) from the warehouse to show site
    • First-priority unloading status during move-in
    • Shipments of loose materials will NOT be accepted at the advance warehouse

    • Advance Warehouse Service does not include the return of your shipments to the warehouse at the end of the show. Your carrier must pick-up at the show site loading dock or when available you can order Post Show Storage Service. Exhibitors selecting non-official carriers will need to make their own arrangements for pickup.

      Estimating Material Handling Charges
      Material Handling Service is charged per hundred weight (CWT) with a 200lbs. minimum at the expense of the exhibitor. The total weight will be rounded up to the next hundred. Please prepay all shipping charges. GES Canada Ltd. cannot accept or be responsible for collect shipments. Crated and uncrated shipments must be separated and clearly identified on your bill of lading.

      Special Handling
    • Mixed shipments or shipments of loose, padded, or uncrated materials.
    • Shipments from small couriers (UPS, FedEx, Purolator, DHL Courier, etc.) or personal vehicle.
    • Shipments are received without the order being placed.
    • Shipments with unclear identification (Show name, booth number and company name are mandatory). Please use our Shipping Labels to avoid any additional charges.
    • Shipments that are loaded by cubic space and/or packed in such a manner as to require special handling, such as ground loading, side door loading, constricted space loading, designated piece loading and stacked or oversize shipments.
    • Shipments received without bill of lading and certified weight ticket or proven inaccurate weight ticket.

    • Small Package
    • Shipment with a total weight of less than 50 lbs.
    • The first package is charged at the small package rate and additional packages at the additional package rate.
    • Shipments of 50 lbs or more will be charged at the special handling rate.
    • Please use our Shipping Labels to avoid any additional charges

    • Early/Late Surcharges : An additional 30% surcharge per shipment apply if freight is received before or after the published dates for shipments to arrive at the warehouse or at show site.

Machinery, Labour and Equipment

Please note that labour and equipment for uncrating, unskidding, positioning, leveling, dismantling, recrating, and reskidding machinery and/or equipment must be ordered separately. Place your order for this through In-Booth Forklift and Labour page. If your material requires specialized rigging equipment, please notify us promptly so that we can make arrangements. When possible, supply your own rigging equipment with shipments and pre-rig your material.

Terms & Conditions
  • Pricing is listed in Canadian dollars (CAD).
  • 100% Refund Guarantee: Customer may cancel any orders for GES products and services made under GES Standard Terms and Conditions for any reason, provided written notice of cancellation is received by GES no less than seven (7) days prior to the first day of Move-In. If Customer has made any payment to GES for the orders, GES will refund 100% of such payment less the portion of such payment for services already performed by GES such as, but not limited to, custom cut carpet, special furniture, material handling, rigging, labor, electrical services or graphics.
  • A credit card is mandatory to order this service. Orders will not be processed until payment has been received.
  • We understand that your calculation is only an estimate. Invoicing will be done from the actual weight. Adjustments will be made accordingly.
  • Collect shipments will not be accepted.
  • GES is not responsible for concealed damage, damage to loose or inadequately packed shipments or loss of merchandise after delivery to booth.
  • It is the exhibitor's responsibility to secure and maintain loss & damage insurance coverage for their exhibit
  • Early/Late Surcharges ‐ A 30% surcharge per shipment apply if freight is received before or after the published dates for shipments to arrive at the warehouse or at show site.
  • GES reserves the right to change labourers and/or rates as shifts change.
  • Gratuities, in any form, are prohibited.
  • All claims or discrepancies must be settled at the GES Service Centre prior to show closing.
  • GES Limits of Liability & Responsibility apply to this service.