2018 WRLA Buying Show

BMO Centre, Stampede Park

Thursday, January 18 - Friday, January 19

The deadline to order for this show has already expired

Labour Installation & Dismantling

Rates are charged per person at a minimum of one (1) hour. Further time is charged in 1/2 hour increments.
We understand that your calculation is only an estimate. Invoicing will be based on actual time & labour incurred. Adjustments will be made accordingly.

Please note: There is a 30% surcharge applied to orders placed on-site.

Please don't forget to submit your drawings/instructions.

An exhibitor must check labour in and out at the GES Service Centre when supervising.


Terms & Conditions
  • Pricing is listed in Canadian dollars (CAD).
  • GES reserves the right to change labourers and/or rates as shifts change.
  • No refunds/exchanges once show move-in begins.
  • All claims or discrepancies must be settled within one week of show closing.
  • Uncancelled labour will be charged a minimum fee of one (1) hour per person.
  • GES Limits of Liability apply.